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Hi, I’m Laura, author of Your BeUtiful Body, 

passionate advocate for self-love and body wisdom, doing my best to share the LOVE and inspire a movement of kindness and acceptance through nutrition and well-being so we can all Be more of who-we-really-are.

Your BeUtiful Body

Your Journey to BeU starts Here

Holistic yet relatable, Your BeUtiful Body invites you to stop following everyone else and to start following yourself.   Because LIGHT isn’t a number on a bathroom scale, it’s a state of Being, and it’s not just what you eat, it’s how and why you eat it.

How to eat and feel light

About Laura

I’m studying too at the moment, for my masters and doctorate in Integrative Medicine at Quantum University.  Being a bit of a ‘square bear’, I’m super excited to be discovering how the latest understanding in quantum physics and biology applies to nutrition, medicine and healing.  It is fascinating!

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