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An online 1-2-1 program facilitated by Laura, just for U...

Relief from relentless dieting, food fearing & body shaming. This is an invitation to unravel your diet dramas & discover what YOUR body really needs to find balance & feel LIGHT.

Author, Intuitive Nutritionist, Body Wisdom Mentor, Quantum Integrative Medicine, Holistic Wellbeing Coach

It's time to LOVE your body LIGHT. Together we will:

  • Discover which foods your body needs to finally find balance & feel light, without dieting!
  • Eliminate nutrition confusion, instead eating intuitively & connecting with your own body wisdom
  • Learn how to energy test to find out which foods you need to avoid
  • Overcome food fear and learning how to eat in Peace
  • Nurture a nourishment rather than restriction mindset
  • Understand how your thoughts & emotions are sabotaging your best diet efforts
  • Correct hormonal & digestive imbalances that may be contributing to heaviness
  • Identify & understand the root causes of your health and weight experience
  • Address 'root cause' on ALL levels
  • Experience the power of meditation and visualization, including guided experiences tailored just for U!

Support to eat in peace & love your body, including:

  1. Twice monthly, 1 hour consultations of intuitive nutrition, wellbeing and traditional healing practices for body, mind and spirit, to best support you and your body.  Alternatively, if it’s feels better for you, sessions can be 30 minutes and weekly.
  2. Mentoring and life coaching, with guided meditations and visualizations, as necessary for each individual 
  3. Unlimited email/what’s app support between sessions

Investment: 3 Months US$1,000/AED4,000, 6 Months US$1,700/AED6,000, 12 Months US$3,000/AED11,000

If you’d like more information you can schedule a free 15 minute chat with Laura, or email

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