Is 2019 The Year You Fall In Love With You?

11 January 2019: Many of us start the new year with a set of intentions to eat better, exercise regularly, jump on the next ‘food’ trend, kick the booze and all the foods we have indulged in over the festive period.  With 2019 fast becoming the year of self-care; and even initiatives such as Veganuary – which 250,000 signing up this year in 193 countries. Many of us sign up to these types of initiatives for 30 days, it is fast becoming the norm for many to do this short term, along with GI diets, 5:2 and clean eating, being our go to at the start of the year. Sadly, many don’t go the distance, falling back into old habits, old programming or getting stuck into the latest fad. 

January is a time when we are often on a come down from all the sugary treats from the festive period which triggers anxiety and has us heading for a detox. What if you were able to break free from all that. What if you where able to truly find a sense of lightness and of beauty, unique to you, and you alone. 

Enter ‘Your BeUitful Body’ – written by nutritionist Laura Holland. The book is an invitation to unravel your diet drama, to stop following everyone else and to start following yourself. Because ‘Light’ isn’t a number, it’s a state of Being and its not just about what you eat, its how and why you eat it. 

Laura works with people from around the world and provides insight to help heal their relationships with food and embrace self-love as an essential pre-requisite for a healthy, light feeling. BeUitful body because where there is no love there can be no light.

“You can eat healthily and have a good diet, but if you aren’t invested emotionally, and completely, then it just won’t work.” Says Laura, “If you don’t love yourself, all the good eating in the world will not bring the lightness that you seek. I experienced this first hand with many clients they were following eating plans with no results, it made me question why, and the result is BeU”.


 About the Author: 

Laura Holland – nutritionist and author of Your BeUtiful Body. 90% Vegan, and Vegetarian for 11 years. She is a passionate advocate for self-love, body wisdom through nutrition and wellbeing so we can be more of who we really are. Currently studying for her masters and doctorate in Integrative Medicine at Quantum University, she is discovering how quantum physics and biology applies to nutrition, medicine and healing. Leaving a career behind in economics, Laura left London for Dubai where she studied nutrition, going onto coach clients and the Dubai Royal Family being one such client. She also loves to travel and explore and made it to Everest Base Camp in November 2017.  For further information check out Website or Instagram 

Kindle version and Paperback (£10.99) available through Amazon 

PRESS: if you would like to review the book please reach out to Sarah Lloyd. 

Laura will also be collaborating with the beautiful Sri Devi Retreat in Sri Lanka again for 2019, and to share an incredible summer of powerful retreat experiences designed exclusively for U. You get to choose the perfect dates and duration, between 27th April & 28th September, and then we design a retreat program that’s exclusively for U and your body.  The retreat accommodation is elegant and luxurious, so you can relax and detox in comfort.  It is a beautiful space, surrounded by nature, so peaceful and tranquil, perfect for healing and rejuvenation.

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Sarah Lloyd, IndigoSoulPR: Tel:07917 840718

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