Laura Holland Love BeUThese past few days, as we’ve neared closer 11.04.18, a date that will be forever significant for me, I’ve been having flash backs to three years ago when I first signed the publishing contract for Your BeUtiful Body.  That wasn’t even the title back then, Your BeUtiful Body only emerged a few months ago when I had to make a final decision before going to print.

I vividly remember taking a selfie to post on social media and explaining how excited I was to sign my contract.  Up to that point this book had already been quite the journey, little did I know that it would be another three years until I finally felt good to push the green button and release it out into the world.

When I decided I wanted to write this book, it was from a place of complete naivety for the business of publishing and marketing a book.  I didn’t even think about people reading it, I just felt compelled to write because I’d had a powerful experience and was witnessing things with my clients that weren’t being talked about in nutrition text books, and definitely not being acknowledged in the world of weight loss and diets.  

Laura Holland Love BeUThere was a huge piece of the pie missing and I wanted to share it because it had given me so much peace and a sense of lightness.  I wanted to share this with women who are still wrapped up in a haze of diet craziness, feeling starved yet heavy, hating their body, in fear of food and still not losing weight, despite monumental willpower and efforts.

This book transformed from what I originally intended to write about.  It evolved, like I did, as I realized this was about so much more than our weight and dress size!  

So, here we are, official release date is today.  How am I feeling?  Excited, but also I feel a sense of quiet anticipation as I have a subtle knowing that change is coming, a change that will liberate, empower and unite women, everywhere, and this will be BeUtiful!

You can order my book here.  Thank you so much for all of your support, every single person I’ve worked with is a part of this book, it has truly been an inspired piece of work.

With love

Laura xo

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