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An 8 week online 1-2-1 program facilitated by Laura, just for U...

Relief from relentless dieting, food fearing & body shaming. This is an invitation to unravel your diet dramas & discover what YOUR body really needs to find balance & feel LIGHT.

Author, Intuitive Nutritionist, Body Wisdom Mentor, Quantum Integrative Medicine, Holistic Wellbeing Coach

It's time to LOVE your body LIGHT. Together we will:

  • Discover which foods your body needs to finally find balance & feel light, without dieting!
  • Eliminate nutrition confusion, instead eating intuitively & connecting with your own body wisdom
  • Learn how to energy test to find out which foods you need to avoid
  • Overcome food fear and learning how to eat in Peace
  • Nurture a nourishment rather than restriction mindset
  • Understand how your thoughts & emotions are sabotaging your best diet efforts
  • Correct hormonal & digestive imbalances that may be contributing to heaviness
  • Identify & understand the root causes of your health and weight experience
  • Address 'root cause' on ALL levels
  • Experience the power of meditation and visualization, including guided experiences tailored just for U!

8 weeks to eating in peace & loving your body, including:

  1. A  20 minute Dreamboard Session to set a powerful and clear intention for our co-creating
  2. A 20 minute Time to Align Session midway to maintain our focus and alignment
  3. 1 hour consultation (online) each week of intuitive nutrition, making peace with food, healing your relationship with your body & being guided through your very own BeUtiful Body journey as featured in Laura’s book
  4. Mentoring & support, with guided meditations & visualizations, as necessary for your body
  5. Unlimited email/what’s app support between sessions

Investment: AED3600/£750

If you’d like more information you can schedule a free 15 minute chat with Laura, or email

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