Laura Holland Love BeUHormones are among the most powerful chemicals in the body.  They are the driving force behind stimulation, growth, circadian rhythms, metabolism regulation, activation of your immune system, reproductive organs, hunger, cravings, sexual arousal and, perhaps most important, how you feel.

This is why our hormones can reap such havoc in our body and mind.  When they are not ‘finely tuned’, a haze of discomfort and dysfunction can quickly descend and take-over our day.

Bloating, PMS, irregular periods, heavy periods, sudden weight gain or loss, water retention, fertility challenges, skin breakouts, lethargy, anxiety and mood swings are just some indicators of hormonal disharmony.  I don’t know one woman that does not experience at least one or two of these symptoms at some point in her life.  So finding hormonal harmony is an essential component of living a happy, balanced, feel good life, in an energized, good feeling body!

You can read the full article here Hormonal Harmony

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