I’m excited to share a chapter of my book, Your BeUtiful Body, with you today because I’m passionate about helping you to connect with who-you-really-are. LIGHT energy! And that’s not a spiritual philosophy, it’s a law of physics.

Not many people realize this in the midst of dieting, but, this is THE MOST POWERFUL way to let go of the ‘weight’ that is no longer serving your highest good.

The more we ‘see’ our body as a physical representation of our energetic and emotional state, rather than a result of calories and exercise, we reach the root, or heart, of what is really creating our experience and crafting our physical body.

So, my intention in sharing this chapter is to help you reconnect with your LIGHT, heal your relationship with your body and experience the beauty that you are right NOW!  Enjoy… xxx

Focus on LIGHT

(Part 1; Let there be light, Chapter 4)

Throughout this book I will constantly encourage you to focus on feeling light, rather than getting thin or losing weight.  Why?  Because getting thin and losing weight suggests that ‘weight’ is the problem – it isn’t.  Weight is merely a symptom of imbalance, and if the imbalance is ignored, as it most often is in the pursuit of getting thin and losing weight, then you are completely powerless to make any sustainable progress with your weight.

To make matters worse, if your focus is on losing weight, then you’re going to be on the scales every morning, measuring your ‘success’ by a number and paying attention to this, rather than tuning into how your body actually feels.

In reality, weight is a very poor indicator of how healthy you are, how balanced you are and how you feel in your body.  Also, for many people the words ‘weight loss’ are loaded with all the struggle of previous diet attempts.  When weight loss is the goal, all of your decisions about food and exercise are focused on this, regardless of how good they feel and how healthy they are for you, with absolutely no appreciation for how your body actually functions.

As for getting thin, well ‘thin’ and ‘light’ are two completely different things, you can be ‘thin’ but feel anything but ‘light’, and continue destructive dieting in an attempt to get to your idea of what ‘thin’ is, whilst completely ignoring the health and wellbeing of your own body.  With body dysmorphia so prevalent these days, your own judgement of how ‘thin’ your body looks is often completely skewed, therefore, focusing on ‘getting thin’ traps you into this external assessment of your body.

Ultimately, the problem with weight loss and getting thin, is that they both lock you into a purely physically focused approach to your body, which in a rather large dose of irony, completely disconnects you from your body and disempowers you in the process.

In contrast, focusing on feeling light turns all of your attention inward, tuning into to how your body feels, and then from this place of conscious awareness being able to make the best, most intelligent choices, relative to food and exercise, that will serve your highest good.  You will also be able to address the root causes of heaviness, rather than merely treating weight as the problem.  

Also, light energy is essentially what we are made of in terms of physics, so focusing on what we actually are is a much better use of all of our time rather than abstract terms like ‘getting thin’ and ‘weight loss’.

In addition, if you ‘feel it’ you will ‘be it’, focusing on feeling light, as opposed to feeling heavy, is the most effective way of helping your body to feel lighter, whatever that may look like for your unique body.  Yes, it is more subtle than weight loss and getting thin, but focusing on feeling light is a way of working with your body without suffering the negative consequences of diet mentality.  

Dieting and the relentless quest for a mentally constructed idea of the perfect body has been one of the most significant sources of disempowerment for women in modern times, encouraging more and more women, and girls, to negatively judge their body and have dangerously poor body images.  

This has lead to disturbing statistics of eating disorders, a massive lack of self-confidence, low self-worth and depression in increasing percentages of the female population.  We have to start approaching weight from a completely different perspective to heal the damage done, whilst simultaneously finding ways to reconnect with our natural beauty and All that we are.  

It is not an exaggeration to say that the rise of the divine feminine depends upon women embracing their body, loving their body, seeing the beauty within their body and seeing the beauty within each other.  There is no more time to ‘play small’, and this is exactly what diets, weight loss and getting thin induces.  Enough!  This is why we focus on feeling light.

Stop chasing getting thin and start seeking your light.


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