Is it just me or has your 2019 felt like a wild ride so far?  We are actually in the middle, yesterday was the exact mid-point, of two eclipses.  My facebook and instagram feeds are full of articles about just how big a deal they are, “if you’re in the midst of chaos – don’t worry” type messages.

So this got me thinking, as ever, because I feel the effect the cosmos has on us, how do we retain a sense of balance and harmony, necessary for our wellbeing and ability to function clearly, through times of stress, change, uncertainty, or all of the above?

Balance is a key intention for me, with all of my clients my aim is to find what their body most needs to return to a balanced, aligned state.  Here, all dis-ease symptoms can begin to be addressed by the body’s own self healing mechanisms, and weight takes care of itself, as all health and wellbeing challenges can be symptoms of imbalance.

This is different for each of us, which is why I love to use adaptogenic plants.  These little miracles have the incredible superpower of being able to restore balance in the way each of us needs, relative to our own system.  How genius is that?

My favorites, as you know if you follow my stuff, are ashwagandha and holy basil, I can assure you, being a sensitive kinda gal, they are always close by!

Back to my question, how do we maintain balance, or rather, how can we use food as a tool to balance our system, particularly for our central nervous system, and retain a sense of grounded calm?

Food is energy after all, and it effects our energy too, this is a more subtle level of nutrition but nonetheless, very powerful.

Find balance, your superpower:

Give the Raw Food a Rest

Raw foodies hold on a moment, if that feels good for you then go ahead.  However, for most of us, leading high stress lifestyles, with sensitive digestions, a tendency toward nervousness/anxiety, or during times of heightened cosmic activity, uncertainty and change, raw food can exasperate all this heightened energy, literally making you too sensitive for your own comfort.  It isn’t kind to eat food that increase sensitivity during times of already heightened energy.  Picture a cold raw salad or a warm soup, which feels more nurturing, more ahhhhh, more comforting, grounding, and therefore balancing?

Feel Rooted With Root Vegetables

They grow in the earth, they carry earth energy which is excellent for helping us to feel more grounded and rooted.  They’re also comforting, easy on digestion and a rich source of nutrients that are great for reducing the effects of stress.

Slow Down

When you eat quick this creates anxiety rather than calm.  It means you don’t chew your food well so your digestion will suffer, which creates mental and emotional disturbance as well as physical.  It also means that you will take in more air as you gulp down food.  In Ayurveda it is the air element (as opposed to the water, fire or earth elements) that creates stress and anxiety.  Eat slowly, chew your food really well and breathe.  Then your food and the ritual of eating can be a beautiful tool of conscious grounding and nourishment, and reassures your body that ALL is well.

Love & BeU! xxx


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