I was in Helsinki a few weeks ago and the weather abruptly turned from ‘just needing a jacket’ to freezing cold and thermals being an essential.  

This sudden change definitely gave my inner thermometer a shock, especially after ten years of living in the desert, and seemed to be the catalyst for everyone around me (slight exaggeration) ‘catching’ the flu.

I say ‘catching’ because whilst popular medical theory has us believing we pass on flu germs to each other, natural medicinal theory suggests that whilst this maybe partly true, it doesn’t mean that everyone will ‘catch’ the flu.  So, there must be other determining factors.

Inner environment (particularly microbiome), the efficiency of immune function, and the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, are those ‘other’ determining factors deciding your experience of what you do, and do not, ‘catch’.

Knowing this is powerful, since how many times have you watched someone with the flu and feared catching it?  Of course, all that attention and focus on their coughing and sneezing, you end up with the flu too!

Whilst in Helsinki a few weeks ago I was thinking and doing exactly the same, and then, thankfully, ‘caught myself’ because I now know this isn’t the full truth.  Beliefs and thoughts are powerful, we can’t experience beyond their imposing limits.

So, my own immune enhancing work began here first, in my mind.  For you too, since we all think before we feel, and then experience – this is the chain of causation, or manifestation.

Second, the thymus gland is an integral part of the immune system and corresponds to the energy of the heart chakra.  The thymus differentiates between ‘me’ and ‘not me’, and in this way supports immune function.  

When the heart chakra is open and feeling the emotion of love, we experience a sense of ‘oneness’ and the thymus takes the opportunity to rest, feeling at peace and safe in this energy of oneness and love.   This rest is crucial. Without rest the thymus and immune system are pushed to their limits, and with no time to recuperate – always on guard and defending – become exhausted and weaker over time.  This leaves the body more susceptible to experiencing frequent flus and colds.

Therefore, a signifiant, but hardly ever talked about, component of healthy immune function are positive emotional experiences like love and joy.  The link between our emotions and immune system are explained in this study published in the US national Library of Medicine.  

In fact, so many of my clients with autoimmune flair-ups almost unanimously are going through more stressful, love and joy deficient time periods, so their thymus literally has no time to rest and the immune system is compromised as a result.

One could even say that compromised immune function and auto-immune disorders are your body’s way of asking for more loving and joyful experiences. How else can the body communicate what it needs/wants but through varying states of ease and dis-ease?

Of course, I’m a nutritionist at heart, so I believe in the power of the plant and fungi kingdoms to empower my immune function too, and so, they do!

Here are my favorite immune boosting tips I love to do, Be and take: 

  1. Positive thinking, inspired by medicinal wisdom that tell’s us we don’t just ‘catch’ stuff unsuspectingly, trusting in my body’s ability to Be well, healthy, robust, adaptable and strong, whatever the weather, or anyone else’s ‘weather’!
  2. Doing things and watching things that help me to feel a greater sense of love and joy.  Watching Friends rather than Eastenders, comedies rather than horror movies.  Focusing on people I love, Kora (mums dog), and surrounding myself with positive, uplifting ‘mental food’.  Abraham Hicks!  Meditation, yoga, music… burning sage!
  3. The ‘thymus thump’ energy medicine technique by Donna Eden. This stimulates the thymus gland and strengthens immune function – excellent when you feel you need more energy, vitality and positivity. I do this a few times a day if I’m feeling a but low, lacking in energy or strength. See how to do the thymus them here.
  4. Loving my microbiome!  This is super important, bacteria is powerful and we need the friendly kind.  I love to include daily kombucha, kefir, sourdough, organic live yoghurt.  They are my go-to’s because I enjoy them, I don’t love sauerkraut and fermented veggies, but if you do, then they’ll really help your microbiome too.
  5. The fungi kingdom is one of our best friend in the realms of immune enhancement.  I posted recently about my love and appreciation for dual extract chaga, this gave me an incredible immune boost, and fast, during that episode in Helsinki I was telling you about.  Incredible adaptogenic and immune boosting properties.  Reishi is also an incredible mushroom for immunity. Some of the highest quality dual extract mushrooms that I’ve tried, and love, are from ENRICHD. I love to combine the dual extract reishi with cacao, tiger milk, coconut sugar and pink salt, as you know if you follow me on Instagram!
  6. MSM.  I talk a lot about this too, and take it daily.  A natural sulfur compound, MSM has many benefits, most relevant here is the action of keeping cell walls permeable and flexible, allowing the good stuff in, and, the bad stuff (toxins) out!  Elimination is a huge part of your body maintaining a balance that keeps immune function strong, and your system robust and adaptable.  MSM (link to my fav brand) is also excellent for detoxifying the digestive system and keeping bowel movements regular, you gotta let go!

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I wish you peace and strength.

With love, Laura xxx

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