My mantra has become ‘there is nothing wrong with my body, but there may be something my body is trying to tell me.’ This has transformed the way I eat and approach my wellbeing, and how I work with my clients.

Fully appreciating that our physical body is a reflection of our spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing, inspires an entirely different approach to nutrition!

by Aster Hung

When it comes to food intolerances, delving a little deeper reveals a fascinating relationship between how we react to food and how we are reacting to life experiences.

Interestingly, we digest emotions in the same place as we digest food, within the sacral chakra and solar plexus energy centers. This mirror between reacting emotionally & digestively is significant, and definitely worth exploring if we’re interested in complete healing rather than a mere managing of symptoms through avoidance.

An intolerance is when your body reacts to a food in a way that causes physical disturbance. This could be bloating, gas, headaches, lethargy, skin issues or mood swings etc.

We could point the finger at food and say ‘cheese on toast is the problem’, and it may be, temporarily at least. However, is it really just about the bread and cheese? Or is our digestive system compromised by, and mirroring where we may be ‘reacting’ in other areas of our lives – in our relationships or at work for example?

When we take something personally, and feel the pain of that, we have a tendency to react emotionally. Whether we internalize the emotions or have an outburst, the reaction is real and felt in each and every part of our Being.

This reaction automatically puts the body into a state of stress, weakening immunity and digestion, making you more susceptible to ‘reacting’ physically to foods because your system is compromised by these negative emotions.

Interestingly, we also have a tendency to repeat certain patterns of behaviour that evoke the same emotional reactions, despite knowing they’re not ‘good for us’. We also have a tendency to do this with food, habitually eating the same food daily, despite knowing, at least on some level, that we could be making better choices that are more aligned with our wellbeing.

The ‘reaction’ serves a purpose, letting us know that a different choice is necessary. But if we just make it about avoiding the food we miss the point. If we blame others for the way we feel then we give away our power. The ‘problem’ isn’t the food, or your ex, the problem is a flawed belief system that’s being reflected in emotional reactions and choices that don’t serve you, and your body is just such a loving genius that it shows you!

If you’re experiencing food intolerances, and I’ve had a few of them, then instead of just micro analyzing your diet and ‘avoiding’ food groups, which can be a practical part of the healing process, you may want to dig deeper and see where you’re reacting emotionally – catapulting you into a gamut of negative emotions that are weakening your immune system and overwhelming your digestion.

This is the beauty of the physical body. It tells you exactly what you’ve got going on that isn’t in alignment with U. It shows you through pain, dis-ease, illness, intolerances and sickness. There’s more to all of it than meets the eye.

Close your eyes, look withIN and may you see more clearly.

With love xxx

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