Third eye vision is revered, shrouded in esoteric philosophy and seemingly accessible to only a few of us. But if we take a more holistic view of the body, seeing all levels and dimensions, the third eye, or pineal gland, is merely another ‘organ’, albeit sacred and endowed with mystical powers, but then again, isn’t every organ in its own unique way? ¬†Like your heart for example, its function is readily accepted by anyone with a pulse ūüėČ

So, just like we would the heart, we can eat in a way that helps to strengthen and activate the third eye. ¬†But why bother? ¬†I mean, it’s easy to see the vital nature of your heart pumping blood around your body, or feel one of the most powerful creative forces of the Universe – love, but the third eye – not so much in the way of seeming ‘vital’.

However, my theory is this – (imagine drum roll) the more people who can actually ‘see’, and I mean really see, using their third eye vision to look withIN and discover the Truth of the heart, the better.

Inner visionary exploration accesses wisdom, and we are in dire need of wisdom in today’s information loaded society. ¬†Our brains are full, yet full of nothing that is True and our hearts take the stress of this. It feels the induced sense of separation, or incoherence, this creates and manifests in all sorts of disturbances like heart attacks, high blood pressure and arrhythmia. ¬†You see, our heart holds the wisdom that’s not just needed to nourish our wellbeing, but the wellbeing of the entire world.

The beauty of the third eye is that the more we activate this vital point of inner vision the sooner we find all the ‘remedies’ we will ever need, whether it’s a remedy for a hormonal imbalance, a digestive disturbance, emotional trauma or the disharmonious living that’s become endemic in our societies and wreaking havoc on the planet.

Your pineal gland is the physical representation of your third eye, sitting deep within the centre of your brain.  A pine shaped link between the physical and spiritual worlds, responsive to light and the master regulator of time by controlling circadian rhythms and sexual maturation.  It also controls various other bio-rhythms in your body like thirst, hunger, sexual desire and produces melatonin, a hormone that works with reproductive hormones and directly effects stress levels and adaptability.

Whatever your level of comfort, whether you refer to the pineal gland, third eye or both, the Truth is, the more this vital centre is activated the more awake and aware we will Be, and goodness knows we need to become more conscious of Ultimate reality and more discerning of the illusions we are bombarded with.  Make no mistake, there is nothing more vital than this!

Ready to wakeup and see more?

Remove fluoride

Responsible for calcification of your pineal gland/third eye, found in tap water and toothpastes.  Choose mineral, or filter your water, and switch to natural tooth paste.

Avoid artificial anything

Sweeteners, additives, preservatives and hormones in non-organic meat, dairy, eggs.  All of these create toxicity which contributes to calcification of the pineal gland/third eye, along with chemical laden cosmetics and cleaning stuff Рchoose natural, of which there are now many options, often in regular supermarkets too.


Foods that have been shown to help detoxify and activate the pineal gland/third eye include raw cacao, spirulina, blue green algae, chlorella, chlorophyll, hemp, raw apple cider vinegar, oregano oil and goji berries.

Eat high vibe food

I could write a whole blog on just this (maybe next week), but for the purposes here this means the more natural your food choices the more enlivened your pineal gland/third eye, as there are less ‘lower vibrations’ clouding your vision. ¬†This does not mean you have to eat everything raw! ¬†Quite the contrary, inner vision is not going to be clear if your digestion is screwed… eating high vibe food means keeping it natural whilst eating in a way that feels good for your body.


I love Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books and meditations and this one specifically guides you for pineal gland activation, check it out.

Sun gazing

The pineal gland is light activated, the more direct sunlight you get the better.  Most of us are indoors all day, with very limited access to natural light, this really distorts the function of the pineal gland.  Try to get as much natural light as you can, making regular trips outdoors, even for just a few minutes throughout the day.  And sun gazing with your naked eye, only at sunrise or sunset otherwise this is not safe, allowing the suns light to penetrate through your eyes stimulating your pineal gland.

Here’s to seeing U!

Love & BeU

Laura xxx



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