So much of health and medicine, natural and allopathic, is focused on using things that are external to your Self, whether they be foods, herbs, superfoods or medicines, to either heal a specific condition or address something about your body.

Nutrition is so guilty of this, often focusing on ‘deficiencies’.  Whilst it is helpful to address these, it really contributes to the sense that we’re ‘not enough’ for healing to occur, we need something outside of ourselves to become healed and whole.

It’s interesting that modalities promoting health, including natural practices, can tend to reaffirm the ego reality of lack and deficiency.  We are sold countless health products, superfoods and supplements.  I’ve worked with clients who have been taking like twenty supplements at a time, literally bag fulls of them, doing absolutely no good at all, but it perpetuates this sense that we need all this external stuff.

However, the secret to your wellBeing is not the latest adaptogen, it isn’t anything that’s outside of your Self.  The secret to your wellBeing is the awareness and appreciation of your wholeness and the practice of CONSISTENT SELF LOVE that develops naturally from this Knowing.

Foods, herbs and superfoods are tools, wonderful tools that I really love to use, but, they are ONLY tools.

Too often these tools distract our focus from our inner work, and we rely completely on the supplement or diet.  Interestingly, most natural medicines, herbs and foods take time – they’re not like painkillers that work within 20 minutes.  In the case of ashwagandha, for example, it takes 3-4 weeks for your body to start feeling the benefits.  I like to think this is a part of their wisdom, to invite each of us to work with them over time, encouraging awareness and consistency, a daily remembering to care for our wellBeing.

You see, consistency is essential, not just for the plants to work their magic, but for you to work yours!

Loving yourself enough to practice daily self love and self care with positive intention – this is your part of the bargain, the plants and food can only do so much. It’s your intention and then consistent choosing of yourSelf that’s a powerful agent for healing. The plants and foods are your willing supporters in this journey, but they’re not the ‘thing’, that’s U!

Practice Consistent Self Love


Allow your awareness to rest inside of your body, inside of U, and spend time every day breathing into this space, developing your awareness and appreciation for your rich inner world.  As you do this, consciously remind yourself of your body’s innate healing abilities, how intelligent it is, the wisdom within your body and the power of your thoughts to direct your cells and systems.  As you focus withIN, nurture an awareness and appreciation of your body.


Bring together all of the natural medicines, herbs, superfoods etc., that you are currently taking.  Focus on each one and reconfirm if you still feel this is helping you and your body.  Streamline, if possible, less is more, if you’d like help doing this get in touch with me. For the one’s that make the cut – set an intention to work with them, to take them consciously, with loving awareness, being receptive to their wisdom, gifts and insight.  Your awareness of their gifts and belief in their ability to assist you is essential.


When you take your supplements or superfoods, do so consciously and with the intention of self love.  Thank them for loving your body, invite their wisdom into your awareness, to guide you on YOUR healing journey.  Make this a practice of self-love and self-care, as each day you are taking a moment to breathe deeply, connect with your body, connect with these herbs, plants or foods, to support more healing and wellBeing in your experience.

Know that your consistent self love practice is powerful, bringing a higher level of consciousness to your body, and when combined with the wisdom of plant medicines, healing is inevitable.



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