woman-biting-lettuce-400x400The most powerful thing you can do for a flatter stomach in just one meal time.

Whilst we busy ourselves with what to eat and when, what not to eat and why, the ‘must take’ supplements, the ‘must have’ superfoods, and carefully negotiating the increasingly complex matter of what to eat for breakfast, we may be overlooking the most simplest and basic ‘how to’ when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss.

It is said there is beauty in simplicity, but too often, and this is especially true when it comes to weight loss and nutrition, the simple gets over looked in favour of the complex.  It seems the more serious our challenge with weight becomes, and obesity is a critical issue in the UAE and worldwide, the more complicated and sophisticated our solutions become.  We believe that a problem this big cannot be solved with simple solutions.

The challenge with this is that we become even more disconnected with how our body actually functions, forgetting the fundamentals as we seek more extreme solutions, whether they be strict diets or even surgeries, disregarding that perhaps the answer lies within!  Read the full article here The National

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