I’m a great believer that when you neutralize the effects of stress, creating balance and harmony, mentally, emotionally and physically, you naturally allow a state of wellBeing and lightness to Be your experience, as I talk about at length in my book, Your BeUtiful Body.

My approach to nutritional healing is to focus on creating an environment that is conducive to healing.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Using plants, herbs and foods that directly facilitate a greater state of calm and balance, allowing the inner alchemy of transformation and healing to spontaneously occur, and indeed it does.

This week, now the Be Light retreat in Sri Lanka has finished, I’ve been exploring the native plants and have fallen in love with Gotu Kola.  This plant is nothing short of miraculous, having been used in Ayurveda, Chinese and Daoist medicinal practices for thousands of years, for both physical and spiritual health.  Referred to as Brahmi, meaning ‘god-like’, and the ‘plant of enlightenment’, Gotu Kola is definitely special.  It’s a remarkable adaptogen, overflowing with B vitamins and a powerful influencer of cognitive health.

Here are some of my favourite medicinal properties of Gotu Kola that I wanted to share with you:

Remember!  It is your conscious awareness and intention that really holds the power for the following benefits to be fully realized by you and your body.  So by re-membering this wisdom, whilst incorporating Gotu Kola however you feel inspired to, is the necessary ingredient for the inner alchemy you’re seeking.

Stimulates your crown chakra; actively works on your pineal gland and enhances the flow of electrical energy from your crown chakra to your heart, where it meets and blends with the magnetic energy drawn up from the earth through your root chakra.  This creates a state of balance and inner richness that facilitates a heightened state of awareness.

Balances your left and right brain hemispheres; facilitating enhanced communication between brain hemispheres, which has been shown to stimulate greater creativity and lead to an increase in the occurrence of positive brainwave states.

Calms the central nervous system; and is a potent tonic for your nerves.  All the B vitamins and adaptogenic properties have been found to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and depression, and enhance concentration, memory, focus and cognition.

Heals and detoxifies; studies showed that Gotu Kola increased the healing time of wounds and skin healing, whilst also helping psoriasis and promotes a healthy collagen matrix. The plant also detoxifies your system, and actively encourages liver health.

Sex, hormones and vitality; using this plant on a daily basis has also shown to increase energy, immunity and vitality, whilst promoting a stronger sexual energy and having a balancing effect on hormonal health.

I’ve had the pleasure of eating Gotu Kola raw in salads whilst being in Sri Lanka, but if you’re in the U.A.E. or U.K., you are most likely going to be buying it in powder, tincture or capsule form.  

I’m going to be including Gotu Kola in my self-care regime and perhaps you feel inspired to try this special plant too.  The nerve calming effects are certainly enough to soothe your soul, and, if we could just feel soothed, herein lies our window of opportunity to align more fully with the wellness, the love and the light that we are.

If you feel drawn to try Gotu Kola then please follow the intake directions on the packaging, as each brand has a different strength, and do so consciously.  Using plants for healing is an invitation to deepen your awareness of the more subtle aspects of yourSelf and Mother Earth.  I love this brand – Gaia – Gotu Kola

If you take Gotu Kola in powder form you can try adding 1/4 – 1/2 tsp mixed with water, coconut water or a smoothie.  

Always, if you are starting something new be conscious and aware of your body’s response. Ask the golden question, does this feel good for you?  If you are in any doubt, please consult your natural health practitioner, or I can help you one-to-one also.

With love xx



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