This morning I finally managed to book my flight ticket to Sri Lanka, I’ve been procrastinating for a little while but feel pleased with myself that I finally just booked it.  It always feels good when I make a decision and take action, to this day I don’t know why I still procrastinate sometimes, such a lesson in trusting myself, and the Universe!

So, as a result of my little flurry of decision making, next week I’m visiting the Sri Devi Retreat to finalize everything for our Be Light Retreat in August.  Now it’s booked the thought of escaping the Dubai heat is making me even more excited, but I just checked the weather report and it’s thunderstorms everyday, nothing like a bit of contrast!  Although, come August the storm clouds will have parted, leaving behind a cleansed and refreshed vibe that will be perfect for our cleansing Ayurveda style.

This got me thinking about what the perfect conditions are for us to feel light.  I’ve been working with people to help them feel lighter and healthier for a long time now, and I’ve had my own journey with my body and weight that I share in my book, Your BeUtiful Body.

There are many influencing factors that effect our body’s weight and wellbeing; what we eat, how we eat it, what we drink, how much we drink, how active we are, what type of exercise we do, our quality of sleep, lifestyle, hormones, our unique constitution and body type, digestive differences, stress levels and our mental and emotional states, to name but a few.

All of these directly and indirectly impact your ability to feel light.  Often, our only focus when wanting to lose weight is what we eat and staying on the diet.  But this leaves so many of the variables out of the equation and this is the reason why so many people fail to make the changes in their body they’re so desperately wanting.

However, all of the variables I mentioned are completely relative to each individual.  There are no golden rules or plans to follow that will work for everyone, because so many of these factors are determined by your unique constitution.  Also, and perhaps most importantly, your belief systems and relationship with food and your body are incredibly powerful in determining the outcome of any diet or exercise.

Having said this, there is one thing that is absolutely essential for a light feeling body, and IS a golden rule that applies to everyone.  Relax!  Before you consider making any changes to your food, exercise or lifestyle, you must nurture a daily practice of relaxation.

Relaxation, in mind and body allows your entire system to breathe and find it’s way to a state of homeostasis.  All health, wellbeing, beauty and lightness comes from this state of balance.  There is no side-stepping the importance and value of relaxation if you are wanting any kind of meaningful change in your body.

The ability to relax your mind and body is perhaps the most powerful thing you can practice for helping every state of dis-ease you may experience.  This state of relaxation allows your body to breathe, deeply, it allows energy, oxygen, blood, fluids and food to flow through your body with ease.  It allows toxins to move through your lymphatic system and be released.

Relaxation allows a release of tension, a greater sense of fluidity and flow, better oxygenation, better blood flow, less heat, less acid, reduced inflammation and far less emotional tension.  When your body is in a state of relaxation hormones find their balance, digestion functions properly and you switch to a chemical state of peace rather than stress.

If you don’t find ways to practice relaxation, daily,  it is nearly impossible for your body to feel lighter, because to feel lighter you need to be able to release heaviness and toxins, on all levels, physical and emotional, and you can’t do this if you’re not facilitating a state of relaxation to allow this release to happen.

Relaxation is not the same as sleep.  Sleep is good mind you, but deep, conscious relaxation is super powerful.  My favorite ways are pranayama, or deep breathing exercises, meditation and yin yoga.  Personally, the easiest way I find to relax is to use the healing power of sound and vibration, and I’ve added some links below that you may like too.

To be relaxed is to allow a greater connection to U, and who-you-really-are is LIGHT energy, so to relax and just Be, has the potential for you to feel lighter, quite literally, in a matter of moments.  I’ve lost count of the times I’ve felt bloated and anxious and after 15 minutes of deep relaxation both have gone!

If you’d like to explore this more you can join us in August for The Be Light Retreat, we will be relaxing, releasing and renewing for 5 days in beautiful surroundings, so if you’re in the mood for a little more relaxation then come and join us.

And here are some of my favourite sound and vibrational healings for relaxation.

Elke Neher – A selection of vibrational sound healings for specific purposes and body systems

Abraham Hicks – Relaxation meditation 15 minutes

Om Chanting – 417Hz

Meditative Mind – 963Hz + 852Hz + 639Hz Miracle Tones

…happy listening, with love, Laura xo


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