I’m not good at new year resolutions.  My response to that is not to make any, problem solved.  It’s motivation that always seems to fail me at some point, however, inspiration never has 😉

Resolutions to eat less of some foods and more of others, to run every night or do yoga every single morning – all of them require motivation because they’re not inspired or responsive to how you’re feeling in the moment.  How can they be?  You have no idea how you’ll be feeling tomorrow, let alone in 6 months time.

It also creates a disconnect between you and your body.  It supports the idea that something outside of yourself is the answer, rather than something that’s already withIN.  ‘Take this pill and it’ll fix that’ type of thinking.

In fact, most of us approach nutrition with this same mindset enforced by the medical and pharmaceutical community – that a pill is the solution to all your problems, we’re in a culture of ‘quick-fixes’.  If you’re reading this then I’m guessing you already know this doesn’t work.

Indeed, there is a missing link in the equation. That missing link is U.

All dis-ease starts in the mind.  All healing starts in the mind.  A statement made by shamans, medicine men, women and sages over centuries, now proven by quantum biology.

This means physical health and wellbeing is a direct consequence of your mental and emotional state.  Regardless of what you’re eating.  So, for nutritional therapy to truly work its magic, you have to be responsible for your mental and emotional state and take inspired action to cultivate an environment that is conducive to physical healing. No amount of healthy eating can un-do the damage caused by stress and negative emotion.  It just can’t.  It’s against the laws of your own biology.

For example, being vegan isn’t synonymous with being healthy.

Also, because our mind is SO powerful, then applying our conscious awareness to the benefits and healing potential of whatever foods or supplements we’re choosing, actively inviting them to work with our body and for our body to be open and receptive to their medicinal properties, encourages their ‘magic’ even more.

How to inject U into Ur healing journey

1. Nurture Mental & Emotional WellBeing

This sounds BIG, however, there is one tool that has proven itself over and over again.  This should be at the top of every self-care list because it is so much more powerful than all nutrition put together, when practiced daily and consistently.  Studies have shown remarkable changes that happen in the brain and with stress hormones when meditation is regularly practiced.  Over time our regular thought pathways change, in favour of more positive and supportive brain wiring, helping us to experience greater emotional wellbeing and calmness.

The research is quite remarkable, especially by Dr. Joe Dispenza, whether you are suffering with anxiety or not, meditation is one of the most powerful healing tools at our disposal.  There are so many ways to meditate, spend time finding a way that feels good and authentic for you and then gift yourself the time daily to take care of your Self.

2. Be Aware & Receptive to the Healing Potential Within Food

Actively work with the food you eat, be conscious of its benefits and invite your body to be open and receptive to its healing potential.  Basically, don’t just make a choice to be vegan and then eat vegan food mindlessly, as long as its vegan and that’s where the thought process stops.

Where focus goes energy flows.  And, if we believe in the power of the food to help heal our body, then absolutely this is going to be our experience.  Belief is everything.

However, there is no food powerful enough, or medicinal plant strong enough, to fix you.  First of all you don’t need fixing.  Secondly, you are the One with the power.

May you never forget this in 2019, and may all of your thoughts, actions and choices be Inspired by this wisdom, of who-you-really-are.  And meditation, because this will empower your own MAGICK.

With love, BeU.



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