With all the talk that goes on about food and nutrition these days, this ‘ingredient’ is hardly ever mentioned.  Even worse, more often than not, it’s seen as something to feel guilty about.  And, indeed most of us do, feeling ‘holy’ uncomfortable with it, and not just at the dinner table!

Not being one to keep you in suspense too long, I’m talking about pleasure.

There is something rather magical, even alchemical, about pleasure, it means that the relationship between two ‘things’, in this case your body and food, has the potential to become a transformational concoction of mutual love and appreciation.

Eating ‘medicinal’ ingredients is one thing, eating them in a way that evokes such feelings of love and appreciation is on a completely new level when it comes to its healing potential.

I am passionate about food, especially the ingredients in my Wild + Free Smoothie for example, all of them are a powerful force of nutritional nourishment, each a natural miracle worker in their own right.

However, I have yet to come across a food who’s medicinal prowess is not exponentially amplified by our conscious love and appreciation of it, the intention behind our choosing to nourish our body with it, and our acknowledgement of its value.

This is important to remember each time we spoon a ‘superfood’ into our smoothie, or pop a B12 pill (actually I’m using Better You B12 oral spray, love it!).

So, what are you eating and why are you eating it?

Connecting more deeply with your food creates an environment within which your body, and the food you eat, have an increased opportunity to heal rather than harm, to create ease rather than dis-ease.  This is ultimately determined by the relationship you are having with whatever you are putting into your body.  Everything in this Universe is relational.  Nutrition is not merely a matter of objective scientific fact, it is a relational, subjective experience.

Developing a connection with what you eat is what allows you to  experience the pleasure of eating, and the dance of love and appreciation to begin between your body and food.   Without pleasure eating is meaningless, empty (calories), leaving you hungry.  However, with pleasure eating becomes a divine experience that satisfies as much as it deLIGHTs.

This magic ingredient is needed at every meal time, if you can’t ‘feel the love’ for what’s on your plate, then don’t eat it!

Love Laura xo

*Artwork by Dina Belenko

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