As I write to you I’m sat in a little poky room in India, with a less than desirable bathroom and currently no AC because, despite my asking, no-one seems to be in a hurry to ‘fix’ anything around here.  Now, in a huge dose of irony, the reason I’m here; to ‘fix’ myself.

In the spirit of self-correction, there is no ‘fixing’ to be done, although sometimes it may feel that way.  Really, we are whole and perfect, just as we are, so the only ‘fixing’ that needs to be done is our willingness to care for ourSelf, and so the real reason I am here, at the root of the root, is self-care.

Next week I’m hosting my Be Light Retreat in Sri Lanka, and whilst I’m really excited, life has not necessarily been a walk in the park these last couple of months.  With quite a bit of mental and emotional stress my digestion has suffered, my hormones got a little crazy, and my metabolism felt non-existent.

I’ve learnt over the years that this is my body’s way of telling me something is out of balance, and usually the root is not a physical one.  More so, my mental and emotional state, how I’m dealing with things, or not, as the case may be.  The reality is, whilst these symptoms may be unique to my body, the mechanism through which they manifest is not.

I’m at Dr. Raju’s Ayurvedic clinic in Hyderabad.  Everyone is here because someone they trust recommended this place.  It is not glamorous, and comfort is a matter of choice.  But, if you are wanting to address imbalance, whatever the cause, then the Ayurveda practiced here is authentic and real, being facilitated by doctors who come from a long and distinguished line of Vaidyas.  Basically, they’re the real deal.

So, having been here before last year, when I started to panic about my current state not being ‘good’ enough to hold safe space for a wonderful group of women to deeply relax, release and renew themselves, on all levels, I knew I had to take my own medicine first and where I needed to come to have the best chance of regaining my balance, quickly.

Two days in and I’m feeling so much better.  Which made me ask the question, if I can feel relief so quickly, what is it about self-care that’s doing ‘the work’?

I realized today that my awareness that I was out of balance, together with my intention to look after myself, and then crucially followed by the necessary action was the key.  To actually put myself first, despite this being a really inconvenient time to travel for many reasons.  To listen to my body and honour what I knew instinctively it needed, and then acting upon this body wisdom, if we can call it that, this is THE medicine.

Is all this Ayurveda, oil everywhere, helping?  Yes, absolutely.  But nothing is more powerfully medicinal that our own intention to listen to what our needs are and then to act.  When we find the freedom and self-love to do this, it’s almost as if the reason for all the dis-ease disappears, and the symptoms do so too, in their own time.

Now I’m thinking to myself, “if only I had heeded the warnings earlier, been more aware and willing to act, my body would have not been obliged to shout louder to get my attention.”  A little of this, and a little more of that, baby-steps in self-care, would have been enough.  It’s only in my ‘carrying on’ that coming here was necessary.

This is the beauty within self-care.  It is more about the intention and action, than it is the actual action you take.  It doesn’t have to be a a complicated, expensive, time intensive process.  Often this is the very thing that contributes to self-care being at the bottom of our to-do list.

Truth is, if we are connected to our body, open to its inspired communication and then actually take the empowering action, then herein lies the magic.

What symptoms is your body presenting right now?  What do you feel they’re telling you?

The sooner you become aware of imbalance the easier it is for you to create the space for your body’s self-correcting self-healing abilities to turn on.

If I had asked myself these questions a couple of months ago, I would have carved out more alone time, more meditation time, more things that make me happy, reading instead of facebook or instagram.  Simple things.  Basic things.  But when done with the intention of self-care and a willingness to act their power can not be over-estimated.

What action is your body inspiring you to take in the name of self-care?

With LOVE xx

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