5483742a99955_-_mcx-sleep1Daytime naps, hmm, I’m not a fan.  But, sleep, now I love to sleep, just at the proper designated times, like night time!  Are you hearing my capricorn nature embedded in my self imposed doctrine here?

However, I have a confession, just recently even I have had to give in and go against my own rules because I have been feeling so tired.  Not in a negative, depressive, stressed out way, just tired, like my mind and body need to rest.  I have been super busy lately, and in the midst of giving birth to some amazing projects that I am super passionate and excited about and they have taken a lot of ‘me’.  I think things we feel passionate about do, and as women, we are natural creators and nurturers, breathing life into our relationships, children and businesses.

s-l300Whilst this is absolutely wonderful and to be celebrated, part of our divine feminine nature is also intuitive and sensitive, connected to our own body wisdom, and that of Mother Nature herself.  In this way, honouring what our wisdom is whispering to us, and unapologetically acting upon it, is an essential part of embracing our femininity and practising self love.  Now this would be a feminine revolution in itself!

Our female body’s thrive on balance.  Nurturing harmony is key to our wellbeing and beauty.  So, we have to be sensitive to the wisdom of our body and ‘be in our feminine’ enough to allow the more gentle side of our nature to flourish.  It can’t all be about the yang, we have to let the yin in there too!

To embrace our divine feminine we have to be able to celebrate all aspects of our self, instead of being 100 miles an hour ALL the time.  Resting isn’t weak, but if we don’t rest we will become weak.

So, needless to say, I have felt the need for afternoon naps on more than one occasion during this past month, and you know what, I did it!  I went through the gamut of emotions but managed to let go of the guilt or needing to be ‘busy’ all the time and just allowed myself to rest because obviously I needed it!  Instead of having a matcha latte or dark chocolate to keep me going in the afternoon, I actually just stopped and rested!

6e9a999f343459e8a30f142a680b8ee9It struck me that too often, in an unbalanced state, we think so many things are wrong with us, and then get stuck into all sorts of supplements, superfoods and potions, when all we really needed to bring us back into balance was sleep.

It isn’t called ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing.

Sleep regulates our entire system, allowing healing, restoration, balancing and cleansing.  It literally resets our body, freeing it from the stress, strain and tension, helping to avoid unhealthy accumulation of all of these.

Without enough sleep we feel heavy, crave sugary foods and our appetites can go off the charts, no food is enough!  Sleep literally restores lightness and peace throughout our entire body whilst boosting our immune system, keeping us safe from dis-ease.

blogsymbolsTGThe moral of this story… sleep more, rest more, take it easy more.

If we can gift ourselves the beauty of sleep and rest when we feel the need, rather than pushing on and struggling through, then many of our health issues could begin to take care of themselves, as we begin to take care of us!

Now go get some sleep, or at least a little rest! xo

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