It seems highly unlikely that there are essentially, just two ‘roots of dis-ease’, given the plethora of diagnoses being dished out by doctors.  Yet, there is a traceable path that results in one of two ‘roots’ regardless of the type of health challenge being faced.  Whilst a diagnosis is filled with disempowering medical jargon and an air of an unchangeable fate, this more back to basics, common sense approach is a breath of fresh air for my clients, and a relief!

Instead of getting caught up in diagnosis and prognosis at the symptom level, a deeper journey within your body could prove to simplify even the most complex of health challenges.  I realize the delicate nature of the topic and that it may seem too simplistic, even insensitive, to pin all illness on just two root causes.  How can it be that ‘easy’ to heal when there is so much dis-ease being experienced by so many people?

Yet, when you focus beyond symptoms and trace deep within your body you are able to ‘see’ the physical root causes.  As for the mental and emotional seeds of dis-ease, well, they’re not seen, they’re felt.

Ultimately, all physical manifestations, including illness and dis-ease, have a beginning point that is energy, thought and emotion.  However, limiting our focus to the physical, 3-D reality, we can identify dis-ease being physically rooted in:

1. Toxicity – parasitic, bacterial, fungal, viral, heavy metal

2. Mineral deficiency


Toxicity is a daily reality of modern, industrialized lifestyles.  In many cases however, it isn’t the toxins themselves but our body’s inability to process them.  If the immune system is compromised or detoxification ability is lacking, the body is unable to process toxins effectively, creating a toxic burden that creates all sorts of health challenges, states of imbalance and dis-ease, relative to the individuals constitution.

Remineralization happens to be our biggest protector against toxicity as minerals are critical to the proper functioning of the immune system and your body’s ability to detoxify.  In fact, minerals are required in each and every function and system of your body.  Minerals are also essential for the absorption and assimilation of all other nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants.  Further protectors and relievers of toxicity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to feel lighter or heal an autoimmune disorder, cope better with stress and restore adrenal function or reduce inflammation, encourage digestive healing and balance your hormones.  Minerals are not just an essential component of the healing and restorative process, they are fundamental, and therefore their deficiency is a physical root cause of dis-ease.

How do you address this?

  1. Identify toxins in your daily life and take active steps to reduce your exposure.  This will allow your body ‘breathing space’ to restore balance and ease, instead of fire fighting toxins and deteriorating your system.  Become aware of your daily interaction with and reduce wherever possible:
        • Wifi zones and smart phones – switch them off at night
        • Air quality in your home – purify with dehumidifiers, salt lamps and essential oil burning
        • Cigarettes
        • Drinking tap water with fluoride and chlorine etc.
        • Caffeine
        • Alcohol
        • Processed sugars
        • Food preservatives, chemicals, additives and e-numbers
        • Pesticides, hormones and pharmaceuticals in non-organic plant and animal foods
        • Pain killers
        • Contraceptive pill
        • Non-organic sanitary products
        • Chemical based household cleaning products
        • Non-organic body products, deodorants, tooth paste and make-up
        • Mercury tooth fillings – removed?
        • Sushi and sashimi – ONLY the very best quality and always with fresh ginger
  2. Remineralize daily.  Your body uses minerals like it uses calories, they need replacing daily.  Consider integrating whatever feels good for your body from this list, and do so consistently:
        • Spirulina powder
        • Chlorella powder
        • Blue green algae
        • Sea greens – nori, kelp, wakame
        • Miso soup
        • Bone broth
        • Vegetable broth
        • Dark leafy greens, celery and avocado
        • Fungi – chaga, reishi, cordyceps & lions mane
        • Cacao and maca powder (raw)
        • Fulvic minerals
        • Pink Himalayan salt in water
        • Bicarbonate of soda in water, 1/2 tsp
        • Take baths in Epsom Salts/Sea Salts/Mineral Salts

If you could aim to reduce your exposure to toxins and focus on remineralization, consistently on a daily basis, you would powerfully protect your body from dis-ease and facilitate a greater potential for healing of any health challenge that you may be experiencing.  Don’t underestimate the simplicity, this is this protocols superpower!

With love

Laura xxx

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