Health Issues; a message from your inner Self?

I won’t lie, this isn’t the most appealing thought to ponder in the midst of a few ‘random’ aches, pains and general run down-ness.  I just want to ‘cure’ the issue, through food and herbs, of course, all things natural, and move on, but then I get this niggling feeling that there’s more to it […]

Receptivity; How to eat like a Goddess

The essence of divine feminine nature is receptivity. Being open to receive, gracefully and with love, without apology or guilt. Yet, amidst the frenzy of modern day thinking and living, we simply don’t Be still long enough, to allow ourSelf to Be open and receive. x To compound this, we eat and breathe an endemic diet […]

The One Thing You Must Do To Be LIGHT

This morning I finally managed to book my flight ticket to Sri Lanka, I’ve been procrastinating for a little while but feel pleased with myself that I finally just booked it.  It always feels good when I make a decision and take action, to this day I don’t know why I still procrastinate sometimes, such […] Article: Ditch the Diet and BeU

I first met Ann Marie in Abu Dhabi whilst she was working for The National newspaper, what feels like, years ago now!  We actually only had one nutrition session together but that was all she needed to find her way, I guess that’s the beauty of helping people to connect with their own body wisdom […]

Healthy Diet CANNOT Override Unhealthy Emotions

Laura Holland Love BeU

Three days ago I was speaking at the ‘Mind Body Soul Happiness Centre’ in Dubai.   The title of my talk was ‘Food Effects How U Feel’.  This is such an under appreciated, rarely talked about aspect of nutrition, but one that I am passionate about. So, I want to explain why, because it is one […]

The Magic Ingredient for Nutritional Healing

With all the talk that goes on about food and nutrition these days, this ‘ingredient’ is hardly ever mentioned.  Even worse, more often than not, it’s seen as something to feel guilty about.  And, indeed most of us do, feeling ‘holy’ uncomfortable with it, and not just at the dinner table! Not being one to […]