Vitamin D Deficiency and Inflammation

Natural Healing Coaching

This is a serious message because so many people are experiencing chronic states of inflammation, manifesting in all sorts of autoimmune and degenerative health issues that are actually rooted in cellular inflammation.  The good news is that there is an easy solution that could help you tremendously, but your doctor probably isn’t suggesting this, so […]

Spirulina; A miracle light worker for your health

I just sat down to write this blog with no clue what I was going to share, so I asked for guidance for what would be most helpful and beneficial for you to read right now.  So, if you’re reading this then take note! 😉 I’ve been traveling so much lately, out of my routines, […]

Cosmic Supplementation; my essential adaptogen for emotional sanity & a BeUtiful Body

As a nutritionist I love the idea of ‘eating’ our medicine, choosing food over supplements as much as possible.  However, a little intelligent supplementation can sometimes become a matter of essential self-care, especially through times of heightened cosmic and emotional energies… Holy Basil Also known as Tulsi, and “The Incomparable One”, holy basil is an […]