Podcast; Intuitive Eating

It was such a pleasure to be asked by Well Mamma to do this podcast on intuitive eating. So many of us are still seeking the magic diet that solves all our food and body issues, the problem is, the only way to find that magic way of eating is to connect with your body […]

netdoctor Article: Definitive Guide to Intuitive Eating

This is a subject close to my heart so it was a pleasure to share my perspective on intuitive eating and how it can help all of us move away from a negative diet mindset and find relief from unhealthy relationships with food. Check out the full article here.

Grazia Article: Why your diet isn’t working

I love that mainstream media is sharing more inspired approaches to diet and weight loss topics, and moving away from the damaging diet rhetoric that has been shared so prolifically in the media. Thank you Grazia! xxx Check out my latest piece for Grazia Middle East here.

Your BeUtiful Body is HERE

These past few days, as we’ve neared closer 11.04.18, a date that will be forever significant for me, I’ve been having flash backs to three years ago when I first signed the publishing contract for Your BeUtiful Body.  That wasn’t even the title back then, Your BeUtiful Body only emerged a few months ago when […]