5 Tools to Feel LIGHTER Today

Let’s be honest, nutrition advice is EVERYWHERE.  What to eat and what not to eat, over and over again, a bombardment of well meaning advice, often conflicting, and more often than not overwhelming.   How ironic then that there are a few things that are even more powerful than the actual food we choose when […]

The National Article: The Secret to a Flatter Stomach

The most powerful thing you can do for a flatter stomach in just one meal time. Whilst we busy ourselves with what to eat and when, what not to eat and why, the ‘must take’ supplements, the ‘must have’ superfoods, and carefully negotiating the increasingly complex matter of what to eat for breakfast, we may […]

Gulf News Article: Food Intolerances; Enough to Turn Your Stomach

Food intolerances are increasingly common and responsible for a whole host of uncomfortable symptoms.  Bloating, weight gain and water retention are among some of the usual suspects, but really the symptoms can vary significantly from person to person. The most important aspect to consider is that we need to stop putting food in our body […]