Why Balance is your superpower & how to find it

Is it just me or has your 2019 felt like a wild ride so far?  We are actually in the middle, yesterday was the exact mid-point, of two eclipses.  My facebook and instagram feeds are full of articles about just how big a deal they are, “if you’re in the midst of chaos – don’t […]

Astro Nutrition; follow your star

I believe the highest purpose of nutrition is to encourage each of us to journey withIN. Listening to your body, your own inner wisdom and reclaiming your sovereignty and power by living, eating and nurturing your Self in a way that maintains your unique, BeUtiful balance.  This facilitates the manifestation of your highest potential and […]

Self-Love, Chocolate & Venus Retrograde

Breakfast today was a, much needed, medicinal hot chocolate. Steaming hot goodness served in a comforting bowl, not quite big enough in my humble opinion, but, it was a deLIGHT. With an ingredients list befitting of a Goddess, and a who’s who of superfoods, it was whilst mindfully sipping this beautiful concoction that I pondered […]