I just sat down to write this blog with no clue what I was going to share, so I asked for guidance for what would be most helpful and beneficial for you to read right now.  So, if you’re reading this then take note! 😉

I’ve been traveling so much lately, out of my routines, not really cooking and just generally on the move.  Even taking my usual supplements has slipped by the way side.  However, amidst this anarchy (I’m a Capricorn, if you are too you’ll relate), the one thing that continues to be my savior, nutritionally speaking at least, is spirulina powder.

Long plane journeys, changing time zones, different climates and not eating the food I usually make for myself at home could have left me feeling majorly depleted.  However, the one thing I have inspired to maintain, no matter what, is spirulina and I am oh so thankful of this little miracle worker.  Spirulina, in all its wisdom, has gifted my body so much, I’ve been able to maintain a sense of balance and I can feel my body is strong and energized.

We’re coming up to a super busy time of the year, and of course, party season, which means party food and drinks.  All of it takes its toll on your body, but spirulina can literally be your salve, a protocol for damage limitation and a nutritional powerhouse that replaces many individual supplements, like magnesium or iron, all-in-one.

If you were to do just one thing for your health and wellbeing then I would suggest you take this gift from the ocean, brimming with minerals, vitamins, protein, antioxidants and so much more.  It’s the epitome of minimum effort and maximum effect.  Here’s why…

What is Spirulina?

It’s a blue green algae, one of the oldest life forms on earth, used as a food source by the Aztecs and a panacea for malnutrition.  Gram for gram, spirulina may just be the single most nutritious food source on the planet.  It’s also 70% protein, meat is only 26% protein!

What is it good for?

Green alkali minerals – literally brimming with the essential alkalizing minerals that the vast majority of us are deficient in because we simply don’t eat enough greens.  This sea green can make up for all of that by providing an easy to absorb, rich source of blood sugar balancing, stress neutralizing, alkali minerals.

Eliminates Candida – a common issue for so many of us, caused by high sugar – high stress lifestyles that kill digestion and disrupt gut flora balance.  Spirulina kills candida and can help restore digestive integrity, and with all dis-ease starting in the gut, well, you get the picture.

Heavy Metal Detox – spirulina is excellent for ridding the body of heavy metals.  Even if you’re super healthy this is a concern, and many people are experiencing health issues, particularly autoimmune disease, which have an underlying cause of heavy metal toxicity.

Balancing – because of its high mineral, vitamin and antioxidant content, spirulina is a balancing tonic for blood sugar, diabetes, hormones, stress damage and central nervous system overload.  Who is not experiencing at least one of those?!

Reduces blood pressure, risk of stroke & heart attack – all that green energy soothes the heart, whilst the minerals reduce blood pressure and simultaneously strengthen and relax the heart muscle.

Boosts Energy – I usually advice my clients to take mid morning and/or mid afternoon, when you’d usually experience a slump in energy and make a dash for caffeine.  Before you get the coffee drink this, it is incredible for energizing your body and mind.

Grounding – one of my favourite benefits of spirulina is its grounding nature.  Usually, foods this high vibe can increase sensitivity in a way that isn’t always comfortable, but spirulina is just so grounding, perhaps all those sea minerals that cool, calm and relax your body, heart and mind.

How to take?

Don’t get the tablets, powder is much easier to absorb and you’ll feel the effects quicker. 

Take 1 tsp in 500ml of water or coconut water.  Have this on an empty stomach, either before breakfast, or between meals.  You can put it in a smoothie if you like, but I tend to keep it separate so I don’t turn every smoothie I make dark green!

Caution:  a good source of spirulina is vital as some can be contaminated.  Generally speaking, from Hawaii is the best one you can get. Like this – Hawaiian Spirulina

Any questions let me know…

Love & BeU xxx

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