In the midst of Mercury retrograde (5 March – 28 March), of course I’m rethinking my nutrition! 😉

I’ve been checking-in with my body to feel if what I’m eating is still relevant for me now.  There’s been so many changes lately – where I am in life, what I’m experiencing, how I’m feeling, what country I’m living in, and so many other factors that effect our physical experience and directly impact health and wellBeing.

I gave a talk at an event this weekend and Elaine, lovely creator of The Yoga Social, read an exert from my book during a mindful relaxation session…

“Your body is your Best Friend

Your body goes everywhere with you, willingly supporting you, as much as you allow, through your entire physical life, and it does so unconditionally.  In this moment you have breath in your lungs, and so, all things are possible.”

It reminded me how being mindful and caring for my body is still a daily choice and practice for me.  I still have to be conscious, otherwise my old negative thoughts, behaviors and patterns would take over.  In subtle ways at first, but soon to gain momentum, as all energy does.

Being mindful is what allows me to eat intuitively, listening to my inner guidance rather than a diet plan or any of the many nutrition programs, or dogmas!  Sometimes I feel like nutrition and food have become like a new religion… make of that what you Will, it’s an interesting topic of conversation though, if anyone is interested? 😉

Rethinking, re-feeling, your nutrition is important because your body changes over time and needs different types of energy and nourishment.  But also beliefs change too.  We shift, and balance is dynamic.

A good question to ask yourSelf is – why do you choose the food you do?

What is the belief and intention behind those choices?  What story are you playing in?  Are your beliefs/stories still relevant?

Regardless of what anyone else is eating, or saying you should be eating, what is at the heart of your choices?

One of the most beautiful aspects of nutrition is that, when practiced in a meaningful way, it brings your awareness withIN.  And how can you know if what you’re eating is still ‘right’ for you today?  The only way you can know the answer to this question is to feel it, to feel your body, to become aware of how your body feels, what biofeedback it’s sharing with you in this moment.

What wisdom is your body wanting to share with you?

Ask the question, Be still to hear the answer, and then don’t be afraid to rethink and revise your nutrition if necessary.  And, it may not be the actual food choice that needs the revision, it may well be just some old thoughts and beliefs that need to be reconsidered and let go.

With love

Laura xxx


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