PhD Research: Mind-Body Nutrition Strategies to Tackle a Global Obesity Epidemic

A 21 day protocol facilitated by Laura...

Intuitive Nutritionist, Quantum Integrative Medicine, Holistic Wellbeing Coach


  • Together we will discover and experience mind-body strategies to increase your energy, vitality, sense of wellbeing and facilitate a greater sense of lightness and balance within your physical body.
  • We will work together to reduce your stress, anxiety, nervousness and any negative thoughts and feelings, allowing your body to be more in harmony with your most natural state of health and wellbeing.
  • For the duration of this protocol I am available for support or to answer any questions, please just contact me via email.

The Protocol

This protocol is 21 days, please try your best to be consistent with each of the daily practices.

I’m really excited about your experience during these 21 days toward more energy, greater wellbeing and a beautiful sense of lightness, on all levels, for you and your body.  

Energy medicine and mind-body techniques are powerful beyond what our logical brain can comprehend, so trust your body and allow their effects to transform your entire state of Being.  

I’ve filmed a series of videos supporting the protocol for extra guidance, all our within the protocol download, and the introduction you can see below.


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