Rudolf Steiner identified four elemental kingdoms within which all physical life is said to exist.  In relation to nutrition, the order of these kingdoms gifts us with powerful insight into how to prioritize caring for our health and wellbeing, since the fourth kingdom is ‘us’, the human kingdom, and we sit upon the other three.

The first is the mineral kingdom, followed by the plant and then the animal kingdom.

This is to say that the plant kingdom would not exist without the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom relies upon the plant kingdom, and us humans rely upon all three.  There is a fifth kingdom that is now understood to be the agent that allowed the jump from the mineral into the the existence of the plant kingdom, and that is the fungi kingdom, but more about that in another blog.

The plant kingdom is where we get all our vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and proteins from.  None of this would exist without the mineral kingdom, all other nutrients literally rest on the shoulders of minerals, as they are the element that births physical structure here on Earth.

In the human body, the absorption and assimilation of all nutrients from the realms of the plant and animal kingdoms, is reliant on minerals.  The mineral kingdom is not only foundational to our health and wellbeing, intrinsically we ARE the mineral kingdom, manifest in human form.  We are made of minerals and water, so to ‘exist’, to thrive, minerals are fundamental, and the key to unlocking nourishment, and ‘information’, stored within the rest of the elemental kingdoms.

Understanding this means ‘seeing’ that we’re not just connected to the other realms, we are them.  We’re not just connected to nature, we are IT, at its most basic, structural, fundamental level.  We mirror the Earth.

So, why is this relevant to you and your health?  Because any nutrition and supplement intervention needs to prioritize the body’s mineral state, and undergo ‘remineralization’ first, should any mineral deficiencies be suspected.  And, if you do find yourself in a state of dis-ease, the physical root of the problem can be found in one of two things, toxicity and/or mineral deficiency.

“Minerals are one of the deep secrets of Spiritual Nutrition. Minerals are frequencies of Light, frequencies of information, and frequencies of creation for the material world in the universe in which we live. The Earth is made of minerals. Our body is made of minerals. Minerals activate all the catalysts for enzymatic reactions in the body. They activate the vitamins. They activate all the organ structures, and in fact, are the basis of all the organ and cellular structures of the body. Minerals are the builders of the system. They are the frequency rates in the system.” Gabriel Cousens.

There are 4300 known species of minerals, which scientists are now understanding two thirds of them to have co-evolved with biological life on Earth.  “For at least 2.5 billion years, and possibly since the emergence of life, Earth’s mineralogy has evolved in parallel with biology,” according to a study published from the Carnegie Institute.

Of these minerals, there are 23 key minerals to human health, 16 major and 7 minor trace minerals.  As early as 1936, the U.S. Senate declared, “99 percent of the American people are deficient in minerals, and a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease.”

Therefore, remineralizing your body has to be the first point of call in any, and all, dis-ease prevention and cure protocols. There are a number of ways to remineralize your body and eating foods that are MINERAL dense is one of them.

The richest food sources of minerals are:


Avoid things that deplete your mineral stores:


Tips to boost your remineralization:


A process of remineralization is not only a cure for health issues, it is a restoration of your nature, and this, in and of itself, is the cure, on all levels of Being, superseding the power of the individual mineral.  Because, all that is ever needed, if anything, is a restoration of All that we are, an alignment with our true nature, who-we-really-are, so we can Be.

Minerals are a significant part of our story, and encoded within them is information, and wisdom, that the body reads and expresses.  That magical moment of crystalline manifestation, from ancient interstellar primordial dust into mineral.

Remineralize and BeU.

With love

Laura xxx

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