I have been recently diagnosed with gastritis and other chronic problems in my colon, prescribed meds and I’m taking them.  I know the gut area is linked to the solar plexus area and that I need to work on my healing.  What would be my next step to heal completely through nutrition and to prevent this dis ease from returning back to my body?


There is nothing ‘wrong’ with your body.  The question to ask is, what is my body trying to tell me?  You already have a keen awareness there is more to this than meets a ‘medical eye’, and, you are correct!  There is more to this, and it would be really helpful if you created the time and space to ask this question and nurture a dialogue with your body and own inner wisdom.

It’s incredible how quickly the body will respond to an adjustment in our energy, born from even the most subtle shift in our perspective, and heal.  Do not underestimate the power of working with your body in this way.

The beauty is, to do this you will need to meditate, which in itself will lower stress hormones and begin to mobilize your immune system to clear the bacteria.

Once you’ve meditated perhaps write down the question – what are you wanting me to know?  Then feel what comes to your mind, what thoughts, emotions come to you.  Don’t judge, just be present, either write it down or just be aware.

Perhaps you are holding on to emotions, like anger and frustration, that are disturbing your energy and flow.  Are you expressing your creativity, valuing your desires or honoring your feelings about something?

Symptoms only worsen when we don’t heed the more subtle signs that our body is out of balance.  Once we get the message, the need for the ‘symptom’ goes away and balance is restored.  Perhaps you already know what this is about – something tells me you do, so my question to you is – what changes do you need to make now?  What can no longer be ignored?  What can no longer remain or be?  Take inspired action Maryam and trust your wisdom.

From a nutritional perspective, reducing inflammation, getting rid of bacteria and promoting a healthy microbiome and digestion will be powerful healing steps.  I suggest the following for you:

Kefir Water

Much gentler than kombucha, has no caffeine and a much broader range of beneficial bacteria that will strengthen your digestion and immune system.  It is easy to make your own, and I suggest you do so and infuse it with all your creative vibes Maryam!  Order from here and have daily – Water Kefir Kit

Gentle Food

This is a key word for you, gentle!  This means avoiding caffeine and sugar, too much red meat, cheese and bread that will be difficult to digest at the moment.  Instead eat foods that are easy on digestion, gentle and nourishing.   Think banana and organic live yoghurt for breakfast with pumpkin/sunflower seeds, a nourishing veggie soup or bone broth for lunch with rice or quinoa, and for dinner roasted root vegetables with fresh herbs like rosemary, curries and stews with lots of turmeric, buckwheat pasta or quinoa dishes.  It would be a good idea to avoid raw food whilst your gut is healing, hence my ‘gentle’ cooked foodie suggestions.

Your Superfoods

Foods to focus on that would encourage healing; turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, kefir, organic live yoghurt, cumin, moong beans, quinoa, rice, pumpkin, sweet potato, squash, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.

Special Tea

Cumin, Coriander & Fennel; make in the morning and drink daily, excellent for cleansing and digestion;

Combine water and seeds, bring to the boil and let simmer for 5-10 minutes.  Remove from heat, strain and serve.  Can be drank straight away or throughout the day at room temperature.

Rose Water

Spray on you, around you… wonderful just before you meditate.  Rose is beautiful for the heart and it’s high vibe, helping to lift your spirits and inspire with LOVE.


This should be the first thing in the list, so please do this daily.  I feel Blessing of the Energy Centers by Joe Dispenza would be incredibly helpful.  You already have such an awareness of your energy system Maryam, how amazing to start working with this daily in such a powerful, and direct, way.  Download here.

Sending you so much love and healing intentions Maryam.


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  1. Thank you Laura , this has been a long journey to healing but your recommendations has highly supported my healing! My tests has revealed that am back in balance and I will continue with food for medicine and meditation ! The kefir is very soothing , I have a tumeric with ginger honey tea that I drink from all day , I eat healing food and anti inflammatory such as Salmon and root vegetables. =) greatful !

    1. That is so good to hear, amazing news Maryam! xxx I’m so pleased you’re loving the Kefir too, and you’ve found the brand I love in AD, how cool is that?! 😉 The turmeric and ginger is a great choice too, hope you get your Mama Buci honey soon, you will LOVE it! Lots of love to you darling, and thank you for trusting me to do this for you xxx

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