I had a tummy upset about 6 weeks ago and since then my body has felt out of kilter. I feel heavier and almost swollen, especially around my stomach. I’ve put on a couple of pounds in a relatively short space of time, without any change to my diet following my upset stomach, which is unusual.  In addition my reflexologist has noted that my lymph is stagnant. I’m finding I’m retaining water and I don’t normally.  This all coincides with processing a lot of emotion and grief after the anniversary of my sister passing and so potentially there might be a hormonal link as well.  So my question is, is my body trying to get my attention with all of this, is the water retention the “tears” my body is holding and how can I soothe my body to a place where it and I feel more comfortable and lighter?


Your body needs love, kindness and patience.  In my book I talk a lot about how our physical body is like a mirror to what we’re feeling, the experiences we’re going through and past memories that are needing to be processed.  Some of these are joyful, whilst others are painful.  Our body feels, and therefore manifests, all of this as we go through the process of digesting thoughts, experiences and emotions. The healing process, if we are willing to work consciously with our awareness, is often magnified in the short run. Even though this can be uncomfortable, it is certainly better than burying it, or refusing to even look at it.

You are consciously looking at all of this, you are diving deep into your psyche, and so your body is re-feeling in order to release and heal. It feels like your upset stomach marked a crescendo in this process, and is literally flooded with all the emotion that is being un-earthed and looking for release. Now we have to allow your physical body to process all of this, in whatever way it needs to, rather than judging it.

When we do this, we realize there is nothing wrong with your body and there isn’t anything that needs fixing, rather, a deep process of healing is underway and we need to support this natural unfolding and relax into it, being OK with our body ‘feeling’ a little different, as ‘this too shall pass’, and then a new level of lightness will be experienced, on all levels! xx

To support your body through this deep healing I feel the following would be a loving way to help your body find more ease on your journey:

Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil is amazing for supporting the lymphatic system, in fact, it is one of the most powerful ways to get the lymph flowing and encourage a deep level of cleansing.  A castor oil pack on your stomach would be perfect, and so nourishing.  

To do this you will need:

Castor Oil – I love this brand (Pukka)

White all-natural t-towel/cloth

Non PVC plastic wrap

Hot water bottle

Soak the cloth in the castor oil and then place on your stomach, lower abdominal area.

Cover the area with the plastic wrap to keep all the castor oil contained.  Then place the hot water bottle on top of the plastic and relax for 30-60 minutes. If you could do this 3 times in 9 days xxx

Sound Healing

Whilst you’re doing the castor oil pack I would love for you to listen to this frequency healing for cleansing the kidneys, liver, lymph and intestines.

Sound Healing – by Elke Neher

Epsom Salt Baths

In between your castor oil packs I would love for you to have deeply detoxifying and relaxing epsom salt baths.  Put 500g in the bath and bathe for 20 minutes, minimum.  Adding an essential oil that you feel drawn to would be really lovely too, maybe lemon essential oil.

3 baths in 9 days, alternate days to when you do the castor oil pack.


Legs up the wall pose – daily for 15 minutes.  This is amazing for encouraging lymph flow, but is also wonderful for reducing stress and pressure, physically and emotionally.  One of the most powerful restorative poses.  Relax, breathe deeply and allow your body to be still.  Afternoon or evening is the best time for this pose. You can use a pillow to pad your lower back, or I actually prefer without, so experiment with what feels best for your body.

Viparita Karani


Clean, mineral water is essential for wellbeing and cleansing. I’m not sure what type of water you’re drinking but I would ask you to make sure its mineral water, ideally from glass bottles. Or, you can get a mineral alkalizer and water filter bottle, I like this one – DYLN.

Making sure you drink at least 2 litres daily of good quality water would be really supportive. Adding a squeeze of lemon and some fresh rosemary would be even nicer, maybe even charging the water with some of your crystals too.

With love xxx

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