I’m passionate about the healing potential of food when intuitively selected and eaten with love and appreciation, for both the food and your body. So what I’m about to suggest is definitely not something I expected when I first started practicing as a nutritional therapist 12 years ago.

In fact, it’s something I’ve been reluctant to share because, on the surface at least, it seems to completely contradict the mainstream narrative that diet is the ‘problem’ and responsible for the diseases causing the most harm, globally. Heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Whilst food is clearly a significant contributing factor to your state of health and wellbeing, I can’t help but wonder, is diet really at the root of the problem?

You see, nobody ‘just eats’. Eating is an action, a behaviour. What you choose to eat, when and how much, are all actions and behaviors directed by something that precedes it – thought and emotion.

Essentially, your food choices are governed by your beliefs, life experiences, thoughts and subsequent emotional responses, which are all colored by your unique perception – how you view life, how you view others and how, most importantly, you view and value yourself.

After 12 years of working with people from all over the world, one thing is crystal clear, the level of health and wellbeing experienced is directly correlated with how much you love and value yourself. Crucially, this opens the door to a deeper level of connection with your Self, which changes EVERYTHING!

The ‘game changer’ then isn’t nutrition for the body, it’s nurturing a level of consciousness that influences a mindset that is naturally directed toward contributing to health, wellbeing, self-care and taking ‘right’ action, relative to U, of course 😉

I’ve worked with countless clients that are super informed about nutrition. They know how to eat for a healthy body but they don’t take action that’s aligned with their knowledge. So, just churning out more nutritional information, or fear mongering about fast-food, clearly isn’t the best solution for this problem.

However, if we were to put energy into garnering a deeper understanding into why we make the choices and take the actions we do, especially around food, and develop a greater level of consciousness, then we would open a window of opportunity for profound change that would go far beyond what we eat for breakfast.

Whilst we blame the rapid increase in ‘lifestyle diseases’ just on diet, we give away our power and miss an opportunity for true healing to occur. Because if we addressed the root of the problem and nurtured more connection, awareness, self-love and self-worth, then we wouldn’t be so attracted to fast-food, junk food or fake food!

So many people are stressed, distracted by fast-paced fast-food lifestyles, reality tv and social media, all of which are widening the disconnect even more, we’ve forgotten who we are.

A modern diet may be leaving us with deficiencies in nutrients, but a modern lifestyle is causing a dangerous deficiency in connection and consciousness – this is what we need to learn how to feed, and if we do, it won’t just change our health, it will change EVERYTHING!

Know thyself! Get conscious, delve deeper and ask your Self –

1. Are the choices you’re making serving U?

2. If not, then why are YOU continuing to make these same choices?

Then get still, switch off the TV, breathe, meditate, go within and CONNECT. Listen to your body, hear your Self and feel All that U are.


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  1. i agree our generation was bought up on your not leaving the table till you,ve eaten it all…which leads to hating throwing food away or ot eating all which is on your plate and others sometimes in later life..another problem is eating by the clock oh its twelve o,clock better have lunch, but are you really hungry?? These are habbits we need to break free from…

    1. Hi Graham, thank you for commenting. Yes, you are so right! We need to become more aware of our inner guidance rather than following external influences/factors, and eat in a way that really does contribute to our wellbeing.

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