Nutrition for Empaths

I’m not a lover of labels. They can easily restrict and disempower, rather than liberate and empower, and ’empath’ territory definitely falls prey to this in so many ways.

Basically, an ’empath’ is someone with empathy, which is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing.  In my case, and I’m sure in your case too, even when the other person isn’t verbalizing their emotional state, I can just sense it.  

This can be immensely powerful and certainly has benefit, if you learn how to practice the appropriate self-care and make it work for you. But it can also leave you feeling completely overwhelmed, compromised and weighed down, as I often did.

You wouldn’t think this has any relevance in a conversation about nutrition, however, in my personal experience, and whilst working with many women who also have empathetic capabilities, I’ve found it to be an essential component in deciphering our body’s ability to digest food and remain feeling comfortable, grounded and light.

We process emotions, whether our own or other peoples, in the same energetic centre that largely  governs digestion.  When we are ‘busy’ feeling and processing emotion, energy is being used and there is less available energy to nourish our physical digestive organs.

This results in a number of physical experiences, or symptoms. Compromised digestive ability, leading to continual bloating and dis-comfort, regardless of the food you ate.  Or, an unbalanced appetite that swings from not hungry at all – usually during the day when you’re surrounded by people and busy, incidentally this is also when you need food the most.  And starving – most probably at night when you’re relatively relaxed, in the comfort of your own home, yet not necessarily needing energy from food as you’re about to go to bed!

This wreaks havoc with your digestion, metabolism and hormones, and can make feeling lighter practically impossible.   

Acknowledging these ‘symptoms’ have an emotional root, rather than just blaming your body, going on countless diets and workout regimes, is an essential first step, as your own emotional response to your physical discomfort and difficulty losing weight, only compounds the overload of emotion that’s trying to be processed by your system.

In my book, Your BeUtiful Body, I talk about the importance of nourishing the sacral chakra and spleen energy – this is your ’emotional feeling’ centre.

Ironically, typical diet food like salads, juices and raw veggies are a digestive nightmare, if this centre is already overwhelmed with emotion, and often leads to bloating, discomfort and heaviness, symptoms so many of us experience daily.

Also, if you’re an empath, it is highly likely you also need help to feel comforted and grounded, again, typical diet food is a disaster for this, often making you feel more ‘airy’, less grounded and definitely not comforted.

This is when it’s really important that you stop listening to external ‘information’ about what you ‘should’ be eating, and start tapping into your body wisdom and trusting what you’re inspired to eat based upon what would make you feel comfortable and easy. 

Imagine the difference in comfort levels between a fresh, crisp salad and a warming, cosy soup, for example.  The latter is definitely easier to digest, and warmth comforts the body, which will strengthen your ‘emotional centre’.

It is important to be guided by your body wisdom, so begin by creating the time and space to intuit how you can better support your Self and empathetic super powers!

Five minutes at the end of each day, consciously bring your attention to what you ate and how you felt today. Notice any thoughts, feeling’s or patterns that arise from this, and use this biofeedback to inspire your choices tomorrow, and then stay conscious of your body’s response. Whilst doing this, you may also feel inspired to consider:

  • Five minutes of conscious stomach breathing every morning before you leave the house, visualizing the energy in your sacral energy centre and solar plexus building and strengthening with every deep inhalation. Do not underestimate the power of this practice, if you do this daily.
  • Starting the day with warm water, avoiding chilled drinks at any time throughout the day, always room temperature water, with lots of warm herbal teas or golden lattes.
  • Favor warm, gently cooked foods over raw food.  Like baked apples/pears rather than a raw fruit salad, veggie soups rather than salads, and softer, gently cooked meals in the evening like curries and stews rather than chunky foods like a stir fry.  I’m not suggesting you avoid all raw food, just be conscious and pay attention to how your body feels.
  • Use warming and digestion enhancing spices like cinnamon, turmeric and ginger in your food and/or lattes.
  • Build your sacral chakra energy with foods like quinoa, yellow split peas, rice, oats, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, butternut squash, mango and papaya.
  • Try not to skip any meals and eat at routine times, daily, so there are no ‘shocks’ to your system, allowing it to relax and feel more at ease.
  • Eat slowly, chew your food really well and remember to breathe. Don’t eat on the run, in a rush, or whilst scrolling facebook and writing emails. Provide the space for your body to be able to focus on digesting the food you’re eating, in peace.


Intending peaceful eating for U, with love, always… xxx

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