This is one of my favourites pieces that I did for Natural Health magazine in the UK.

Too often, when we address body weight we treat it as the problem rather than a symptom, and in doing so we approach weight loss from an extremely restrictive, often negative view with ‘must cut calories’ and ‘no pain no gain’ becoming our new daily mantras.

The challenge is that when we treat our weight as the problem and not just a symptom, we miss the underlying causes, where everything is really happening, and, incidentally, where all the power for change really is.

We forget that we are not just flesh and bone, we are energy beings, our body is vibrational energy and so to make any changes we will have a much easier time if we understand and integrate this fact.

Looking at weight from an energetic perspective really does shine light on the issue, rather than counting calories, this is an intuitive and inspired approach to nurturing your body and allowing the light that you naturally are.

For the full article please see the links below…

Natural Health Article Page 1  Natural Health Article Page 2

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