More often than not we busy ourselves with the idea that we need to create a new version of ourself, and usually this is centred around our physical body, wanting to lose weight, gain weight, tighten this or lengthen that.

The truth is that this never seems to be something that we achieve, and certainly not something that, even if we do achieve it, was a journey of love and light, usually the opposite, blood, sweat and tears!

But, what if we were missing the point and turning our health and wellbeing into a much more challenging task than what it needs to be?  In this article I explore how reconnecting to our nature, our natural body and mind, we can begin to rediscover our true beauty, and instead of creating something from scratch we simply have to clear away the heaviness to allow our beautiful light to shine through.

To read my article in full please see the link below…

The Real BeUtiful You


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