This beauty is a dream for your skin and immune system.

I love to keep my smoothies and smoothie bowls simple, this means they’re easier to make and more comfortable to digest. There is beauty in simplicity and they don’t come much more simple than this:


*1 large mango

*2 tsp sea buckthorn powder

Blend until smooth and spoon into a bowl.

Top with cacao nibs, ground flaxseeds and coconut chips.

Energetic Nutrition

Your sacral chakra will love this smoothie bowl too. Strengthening your feeling and creative energy centre, and also your spleen energy. This is essential for you to feel comforted, nourished and nurtured.

Your spleen energy is like your ‘inner mother’, when this is deficient we don’t tend to make the best choices for ourselves, because our instinct to ‘mother’ isn’t as dominant as it needs to be.

Quite often, spleen energy is deficient if you experience food cravings, or consistently make choices that you know are not serving your highest good. Also, anyone that know’s that ’empty’ feeling, no matter how much food you eat, never satisfied and using food to fill a ‘gap’ or ‘hole’, at the root of this could be deficient spleen energy.

It is really important that you nourish this energy, especially if you’re addressing weight or your relationship with food. I talk about this at length in my book, Your BeUtiful Body, and is such a critical energy centre that needs to be healed if you want to feel LIGHT.

Spleen energy is nourished with mango, papaya and persimmon. Sweet potato, pumpkin and squash are also excellent spleen strengtheners. The spleen also loves warm, gently cooked foods like quinoa, rice, oats and yellow split peas.

Sea buckthorn is an incredible berry that grows in some of the toughest environments, often near the sea in really cold conditions. All of this makes for a robust and nutritionally dense berry that is bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and omega 7, which is excellent for skin and mucous membrane health. It goes really well with mango, so don’t underestimate the simplicity of this recipe, it is ABUNDANT with nutrients that will nourish U!

Happy eating, with love xxx

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