I first met Ann Marie in Abu Dhabi whilst she was working for The National newspaper, what feels like, years ago now!  We actually only had one nutrition session together but that was all she needed to find her way, I guess that’s the beauty of helping people to connect with their own body wisdom to guide their choices.  It really is the most powerful way to eat and create the health and light that you’re wanting, not to mention sense of ease with food and peace in your skin.

Today, it is my absolute pleasure to support her new venture that is spreading all things wellness across the UAE that is topical and relevant to all of us living here.

We are lucky to live in such a diverse country, with the amount of health and wellness offerings available here sky rocketing in the past ten years.

There are now countless yoga studios and a variety of places to eat whatever super foodie craving you could possibly experience.  In a place where chicken would have been considered vegetables only a few years ago, you can eat vegetarian and vegan very well, even alongside your carnivorous friends and family in many cafes and restaurants.  So I’m no longer stuffing superfoods and supplements in my case when I travel, well, at least not quite as much 😉

Take a look at the full article here where I talk about all things diet and my book, Your BeUtiful Body.


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