“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

The number of times I’ve said that to a boyfriend! But you know, it is SO true!  Energy does speak louder than words, and the intention behind what a persons says is way more powerful than the actual words.  Have you ever picked up on that?

Well, your body feels exactly the same way when it comes to food.

This was a revelation to me.  I thought I was eating ‘all the right things’, and couldn’t understand why my body wasn’t responding the way it was supposed to.  I was choosing all the healthy stuff – veggie juices, supplements, superfoods… the whole nutrition caboodle, and still I didn’t feel energized, I definitely wasn’t feeling light, and often suffered digestive issues.

It finally occurred to me whilst in the midst of addressing my relationship with my body and food, that whilst my body sure did appreciate more ‘healthy’ food choices, what it didn’t appreciate was the ‘way’ I was eating – the energy underpinning my eating.

You see, I was making every single food choice from a place of ‘control’.  I was fearful and felt the need to restrict, hyper-conscious of being ‘careful’ of what I ate and how much.  It was all so micro-managed, but not through love, appreciation and an intention to nourish.  Instead, it was through fear and feeling the need to restrict and control.

My body really wasn’t enjoying being weighed down by all my fear around food, and I guarantee your body isn’t either.

I found through my own experience, and as I worked with my clients, that your intention behind your food choices, the energy with which you are feeding your body, is instrumental in determining how your system is going to respond to the food you’re eating.  Whether the food you eat is going to create stress or peace, digestive discomfort or ease, heaviness or light, tiredness or energy.

‘How’ you eat is a superpower.  Why?  Because essentially EVERYTHING is energy, including your body and food, and your cells respond to the energy vibration of your thoughts and emotions, and this ‘information’ is heard by your cells and they behave accordingly.

If your thoughts and intentions behind your food choices are burdened with the energy vibration of fear, or any other negative emotion, then your cells are going to ‘use that information’ and treat the food you’re eating in a way that matches the energy.  So, your body doesn’t welcome that food with open arms, digesting it with ease, absorbing all the goodness and letting go of the waste.  Instead, it treats the food with fear and mis-trust, and doesn’t fully ‘open up’ to properly digest or eliminate, so your body remains un-nourished and full.  This upsets the entire balance of your system and weighs you down.

Also, energy follows thought.  If you think food makes you heavy, it will, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You can’t ‘believe’ one thing and expect your body to behave under another set of rules.

Ask yourself these questions –


By becoming more conscious of the underlying thoughts and intentions you have around food, you create an opportunity to change those thoughts and replace them with more loving intentions. 

For example, if you usually feel like you need to restrict food, you can begin to embrace the understanding that food is nourishment, reminding yourself whenever the negative thoughts creep in your mind that “food nourishes my body and I love to feel nourished and energized”.

It sounds simple, but addressing negative, fear based thought patterns around food is nothing short of transformational for Your BeUtiful Body!  I talk about this a lot in my book and it is an on-going practice.  The secret is to stay mindful of your self talk.  You can’t change what you’re not conscious of, but, if you practice being mindful of your thoughts and energy, each time you can choose to replace these negative thoughts and intentions.  I still get negative thoughts creeping in from time-to-time, but I notice them and take the opportunity to remind myself of the Truth, that LOVE is LIGHT and to nourish my body is a pleasure.

So, eat with love and get ready to feel your light.

With love


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