Diet drama was taken to a whole new level recently, as vegan influencer Yovana Mendoza was filmed eating fish, in an incident subsequently coined ‘Fishgate’.

So when Hip and Healthy asked me to cover a piece for them on an emerging ‘pesce-vegan’ trend I was more than happy to contribute, as since this incident more people have shared how they’ve also started to incorporate fish into their ‘vegan’ diet to address health issues like poor digestion and hormonal imbalance, that eating vegan seemed to either cause or exacerbate. 

Pesce-Vegan – Is This The Healthiest Way To Eat?

I myself have experienced something similar, and move around a vegan, vegetarian and sometimes pescatarian diet, based upon how I feel and what my body needs to feel balanced.  

This has been a process of trial and error, and requires that I listen to my own body, rather than following what anybody else is eating, or staying stuck in dogmatic labels that pigeonhole and lack awareness. 

It’s important to remember there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to eating that works for everyone.  I work with some clients that are completely vegan – they are thriving.  I also work with clients who love to eat meat and their body responds really well, they thrive too!  The key is to listen to your own biofeedback and follow what your body positively responds to rather than being ‘influenced’ by external forces.

Society rarely benefits from ‘labelling’, and nutrition is no different.  It opens the gauntlet of judgment and criticism, of yourself and others, and squeezes out any meaningful choices that are conducive to your wellbeing.

Labels garner a disconnect, in which eating disorders thrive – the problem is not that you’re a vegan, mono-eater, pescatarian or keto carnivore, it’s that you’re making the decision of what to eat based entirely on what you’re ‘following’ rather than what you’re ‘feeling’.

Dropping the diet labels, even better, ditching the judgement too, of ourselves and each other, and just focusing on what feels nourishing for our body would be a subtle, yet revolutionary change of course – allow your Self to lead the way!

Read my article on the potential benefits of a Pesce-Vegan diet here.

Thank you Hip and Healthy! xxx

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