I won’t lie, this isn’t the most appealing thought to ponder in the midst of a few ‘random’ aches, pains and general run down-ness.  I just want to ‘cure’ the issue, through food and herbs, of course, all things natural, and move on, but then I get this niggling feeling that there’s more to it than meets the eye.  That my body is not an isolated mass of cells, disconnected from my thoughts, emotions and energy.  So the question begs, what’s this ‘out of the blue’ pain in my side really about?

I see the chain of causation for health issues and physical symptoms of imbalance in my clients all the time.  It’s undeniable, our physical state is a direct consequence of our thoughts, our emotional responses to those thoughts, and our energetic state as guided by our perception of all things that we have encountered in our life and are encountering now.  Take a look at Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Body.

You may ask, what’s the role of nutrition then?  I’ve asked myself this same question, witnessing the greater healing power of our thoughts and emotions over food.

However, food does affect how we feel and how we feel effects what we eat.  So our diet is a crystal clear mirror of what we have going on emotionally, bringing about greater awareness of ourselves, and with it, an opportunity to use food to support ourselves vibrationally, mentally, emotionally and physically, through the most healing nutrient of all, self-love.

Nutrition is a medicinal tool of self-love and self-care, an invitation to enjoy and indulge in the pleasure of nourishing one’s self.  Food is capable of supporting the physical body to be a better ‘temple’ for our mental and emotional growth, in a more stable, grounded way, essentially facilitating the evolution of our inner Self, whilst in our earthly form, rather than its destruction.

However, if you only look at your nutrition to solve health issues, you’re only looking at a fraction of the story.  At the end of the day, our diet is merely a symptom too.  A symptom of how we feel, a symptom of how we think and what we believe.  Thoughts and emotions, this is the arena for healing, or rather, a greater alignment with wellbeing, waiting to be created, just as the Medicine Women that have come before us knew.

So what does all this mean?  Well, it means that nothing you are experiencing in terms of your health is random, nor is it just spontaneously occurring.  There is rhyme and there is reason for it, and more often than not, in milder cases at least, it’s your inner Being trying to get your attention.  A request for more rest, a little more TLC, reduced stress, more positive thoughts, more meditation, to not be ignored when you get ‘too busy’, for example.

Of course, more serious conditions don’t feel as easy to address like this, but, I urge you to ask the question because when you don’t hear your body whisper, it tends to scream.  Ask the question – what is my body trying to show me, what is my inner Being bringing to my attention through this state of dis-ease?

You may find that just your willingness to ask and listen, maybe enough for a little relief to be felt and a sign that you are on the right track.

“No sickness would exist on this planet if your contrast hadn’t carved out wellness that you’re not allowing.”  Abraham Hicks.

Moral of this story – ask yourself the question that gets to the heart of the matter!

Daily Wisdom Practice…

  1. Get your journal and at the top of a clean page write down the issue you are currently experiencing that you’d like to heal.
  2. Now write underneath; what is my body trying to tell me through this dis-ease?  What would my inner being like me to know now for my highest good?
  3. Now, close you eyes and take a few long deep breaths, feel your breath in your stomach as it rises and falls with each inhale and exhale.  When you feel ready open your eyes and softly gaze down at your journal.
  4. Continuing to breathe slowly and deeply, bring you awareness to your hand holding the pen, feel the pen on the paper and intend to allow your wisdom, what you need to know now, to flow.  Don’t mentally analyze it, over-think it or judge it.  Just allow the pen to move, maybe it’s a word, a sentence or a shape, a picture, whatever it is just allow it, whilst staying connected with your breath.
  5. When you feel you’ve finished, thank your inner being and your body for guiding you, trusting and honouring what has been shown to you.  It may be understood by you straight away, or it may not, in either case just allow it to Be.
  6. The more you do this practice the more connected you will feel, so open this line of communication daily, and know that it is a two-way street, you can also send messages to your body telling it that it’s safe and you’re listening to it, just think of the soothing impact that could have.
  7. What to do with the guidance you receive – you will know! xx

With love

Laura xxx

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