If it’s green then it’s healthy, or so we have come to think.  But, what if eating greens makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable, are they still healthy then?

I say “no”!  There is not one food that is universally healthy for all of us all of the time.  But, in times when kale is supposed to be your BFF, with benefits, it can be hard to cut through what our mind, and everyone else, is telling us is good for us, and eat in a way that actually does serve our body.

We are two extremes, either micro managing, if its not raw, vegan and paleo then we just don’t go near it, or, we are completely disconnected and don’t care.  But neither of these really work for us because both have nothing to do with listening to our body.  Mindful eating is an interesting concept when you ‘think’ about it, too often our mind tells us what it thinks we ‘should’ be eating rather than what would actually be healthful, relative to our own, unique, body.

Intuitive eating, now this is a whole n’other level of nutrition entirely, and one that I practice daily and help each of my clients to experience too.  If you are looking for the secret to unlock your BeUtiful Body then intuitive eating is where it’s at!  Beginning to tap into your own body wisdom, defining what is healthy for U rather than everybody else, and then consciously nourishing your body, well, this is a practice of self love in its most practical form, and, LIGHT always comes from LOVE!

Now, just for the record, I love greens and I love eating green smoothies, but there was a time when they would absolutely kill my digestion.

If this happens to you, feeling bloated and uncomfortable, then take the hint and listen to your body!

Quite often this is a sign of too much stress within your system which, has disturbed your digestive fire & ability to process food, thoughts & emotion. If you feel like this then the way to feel lighter is actually to calm & nourish with foods like this smoothie recipe I am sharing with you here.

It is one of my favourites and my go-to whenever I am feeling anxious, stressed or ran down.

Persimmons, dates, cinnamon & almond milk. All of these soothe your system, help to heal trauma & shock, on all levels, nurture the sacral chakra whilst calming your nervous system & replenishing vital minerals.

There is a tendency when you feel heavy & bloated to eat ‘light’ foods, like salads, when in reality these will only worsen your symptoms and what you really need is grounding, more ‘heavier’ feeling foods, to alleviate all that excess air and space inside from disturbed balance.

If this is U then give this smoothie a try…

the FOOD

2-3 persimmons

2 dates

1 tsp of cinnamon powder

1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk

1 tbsp chia seeds


the LOVE

Peel the persimmons and take the stone from the dates and then blend them with the cinnamon and almond milk until smooth.

I like my ‘need a spoon consistency’ but if you prefer you can add more almond milk for a thinner mixture.

Once smooth stir through the chia seeds, give it a couple of minutes to let the chia seeds begin to do their thing and then serve.

happy EATING!


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