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Hi, I’m Laura, author of Your BeUtiful Body, passionate advocate for self-love and body wisdom, doing my best to share the LOVE and inspire a movement of kindness and acceptance through nutrition and wellBeing so we can all Be more of who-we-really-are.

I’m studying too at the moment, for my masters and doctorate in Integrative Medicine at Quantum University.  I’m super excited to be discovering how the latest understanding in quantum physics and biology applies to nutrition, medicine and healing.  It really is fascinating!

After graduating from Leicester University with a degree in economics, I went traveling around the world, twice, before landing my dream job in London working as an economic analyst.  Everything was going well except one thing – I never wanted to go to work because each day felt like I was dying a slow death with daily clock watching and continual weekend countdowns.

Not one for conforming, despite being a Capricorn gal, I decided to follow my other passions, and retrained as a nutritionist.  This decision turned out to be life-changing beyond what I could have imagined at that point.  It was a catalyst that inspired a series of experiences that helped me to break free from an unhealthy obsession with diets and thinness, confronting my own challenges with food and body image, to find a sense confidence and lightness that finally allowed me to feel at peace in my skin and realize my dreams.  This wasn’t an overnight epiphany, rather, a daily work in progress, but one that I am passionate about.

For ten years now I’ve been based in Dubai.  From working as a nutritionist, to writing my book and articles for magazines, to corporate wellness and getting involved in exciting start-ups, it’s been a journey, challenging and uncomfortable and yet liberating and life-giving.

I love to travel, be active and get out in nature, although this trip pushed me to my limits, on all levels.  Everest base camp in Nepal is one of the best things I’ve ever done!  I’d wanted to do this trip for ages and this was actually my second attempt at it 9 years after my first try.  I couldn’t leave it un-done and had to go back, so finally, in November 2017, this photo was possible and I had just enough energy for a few jumps for joy!

Here’s to appreciating the journey and being excited about what’s to come… xo

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