The festive time of year can be as fun as it can stressful, when a comfortable balance between pleasure-rich indulgence and guilt inducing over-indulgence feels like a complete impossibility.

Too often, self-care routines feel rigid and unsustainable, and certainly not feasible when parties and family gatherings monopolize our schedules.

Not being one to miss out, but certainly not being a fan of dealing with the consequences of excess, lack of sleep and feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day either, I wanted to share with you my favourite nutrition and self-care tips that will keep your mind and body feeling balanced, happy and stress-free:

1. It all begins with U

Connection with your body and highest self is the secret to wellbeing, and is the foundation for any meaningful approach to health – physical, mental and emotional, and therefore, is one of the most effective stress relievers too.  In fact, most stress and dis-ease is a result of a lack of connection with our Self.  When we feel connected we feel whole, at ease, more confident, in tune with ourselves, aligned with our body wisdom, and therefore naturally and instinctively able to make choices that are conducive to fun, health and wellbeing, simultaneously.  We feel free to enjoy and have fun, but then know when enough is enough, and find it easy to create healthy boundaries for ourselves, both in terms of food, drinks and people!  So how do you get connected? 

Meditation.  Mindfulness. Conscious breathing.  Whatever you’re comfortable calling it, the practice of turning your senses inward, breathing deeply and taking 10-15 minutes daily to become more aware and conscious of your Self, is the most powerful medicine, because it empowers the real ‘U’!  Rather than running on auto-pilot and habits, too far ahead of yourself to know when you’ve had enough food, or need to stop and rest, this daily practice of connecting with yourself puts ‘U’ back in the driving seat, and empowered to make choices that are nourishing and loving

2. Feel Your Way

None of us are robots, our energy levels and emotions ebb and flow, as does our ability to digest food, bounce back from a late night and tolerate stressful situations.  Sometimes our body copes and does a great job feeling energized and comfortable, even after a foodie feast and staying out on a school night!  Yet, sometimes, our body just says “no”, and needs more rest, a gentler pace, less rich foods and more water. 

The magic is to ‘know’ and make choices that are inspired by how you feel in the moment, instead of expecting your body to just deal with it, whatever the weather.  The more you learn to ‘feel your way’ and respect your body’s boundaries and natural ebbs and flows, the more you will work with yourself, rather than against.  Of course, to do this you will have to be mindful and aware, connected with your Self, which is why your daily practice of 10-15 minutes is the most valuable investment you will ever make.

3. Remember to Support Your Self

Especially when life gets busy, our wellbeing falls down our priority list and we leave ourselves vulnerable to a weakened immune system, which just exacerbates feelings of stress.  There are simple essentials that are needed daily to stay feeling healthy and strong, in both mind and body, which we often forgot.  But if you remember to support your self, especially when everything else goes out the window, you will encourage more ease and comfort, even when life is demanding. 

To thrive, you have to remember how to live!  A back to basics approach here is far more effective and sustainable than a convoluted micro management of nutrition. 

Daily basics being – light, breath, water, stillness for your mind, movement for your body.

Remember to support yourself by:

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Much love and festive blessings xxx

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