Your immune system is your best friend right now and is capable of keeping you healthy and strong, regardless of what’s going on in the world and COVID-19, if you support it with the love and nourishment it needs to do its job.

There are a wealth of incredible adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms and herbs that strengthen your immune function with great success. 

However, each one has unique properties and interacts with the body in a number of ways, meaning not one of them will be the best suited for all of us, and it can get overwhelming and confusing what to take, when and how much.

So, to keep this as simple as possible and appropriate for everyone, here are the immune support essentials that I would use as a foundation for keeping you healthy and strong:

  1. Love not fear.  The most powerful thing we can all do is not get swept up with drama and fear, this causes stress which massively compromises immune function.  Be conscious of what media you read, listen to and digest.  Practice mindful breathing, meditation or whatever feels good for you, and find your calm, daily.
  2. Water, 2-3 liters, daily.  Stay well hydrated with good quality spring or mineral water, nothing in your body can function effectively if you’re dehydrated, including your immune function.  Staying hydrated also keeps your pH healthy, which means viruses and bacteria won’t be able to make your body their latest home, it also keeps bowels moving and toxins being eliminated. 
  3. 1000-3000iu Vitamin D3, daily.
  4. 1000-2000mg Vitamin C, daily.
  5. Probiotics.  Whether you take a probiotic supplement or increase your intake of fermented foods and drinks like kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and sourdough.  Feed your gut well, daily, and it will keep you safe.

Any questions, I’m here to help if I can.

Stay well xx

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