The magnificent mango.  Although, like everything else in life, and especially in the world of nutrition, the ‘magnificent’ part is relative to my relationship and association with the beautiful mango.  However, the mango is sacred to Buddha!

This being said, I wanted to share with you their energetic nutritional qualities so you can have a broader perspective from which to experience the mango for yourself.  And, if any of this resonates you can try my smoothie bowl recipe.

Mango’s have often been described as one of the most ‘complete’ fruits, given their diverse range of nutrients. In traditional eastern medicinal practices, the mango is known as one of the most spiritually charged and elevating fruits!  So if you are feeling in need of an energy boost, on any level – physical, mental or emotional, then a mango could be an excellent choice for your body and your spirit.

They’re excellent for supporting both the sacral and solar plexus chakras, strengthening your feeling centre and your inner sun energy.  When these centers are energized and balanced they support strength, confidence, warmth, self-compassion and a greater sense of joy, whilst helping to lighten the load of heavy feeling emotions.

So if you’re feeling weak, stressed or low in energy, mango’s could be helpful medicine.  Also, any of the following health challenges have the potential to be positively supported by incorporating more mango’s in your diet:


Feeling inspired to consciously eat mango?  Try this recipe…

Mango Smoothie Bowl

Blend until smooth, adding the milk slowly to get the consistency you prefer.  I like mine super thick, you may not!  So just add more to your liking.  I topped with cacao nibs, nuts and sunflower seeds, be free to feel inspired as to what your body would most enjoy and benefit from…

Eat and enjoy slowly, mindful of how your body and energy responds.

Report back with your mango experiences!

With love, always xxx

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