A couple of days ago I was scrolling down my Instagram feed, as one does these days, and saw a post from @thetarynmason that @gabbybernstein had shared.  Whoever says social media is a waste of time is following the wrong people because as soon as my eyes scanned over this post and I ‘real eyes’d’ what it said, I had a Hallelujah moment!
I am a huge Abraham Hicks fan too (I listen every morning whilst I’m having my breakfast), so this really resonated with me.  Also, having my fair share of inner entrepreneurial vibes, I have definitely done a lot of hustling which, has invariably taken its toll on my wellbeing and emotional balance.

So a huge thank you to Taryn and Gabby for getting this reminder in front of me!  Or maybe our inner Beings co-created it and I just physically manifested it into my reality?!  What a fascinating thought!

OK, aligned is the new hustle, because when we are in alignment we have access to the power that creates literally everything, and this is such good leverage for physical effort, and definitely a better look than blood, sweat and tears!

Thankfully, I now know this from personal experience, and it’s one of the main reasons why my emotional balance has been so important to me.  What’s really cool is that as a Nutritionist, conversations around food are heavily focused on eating to effect the physical body, however, I believe that food has a far greater impact on the physical body via its effect on our mental and emotional state.  Also, when you solely eat for physical reasons, you often don’t eat the food that you really need, and this creates feelings of irritation, discomfort, bloating, guilt and fear.

Food does directly effect the physical body, yes, but it also effects how you feel, and, how you feel is EVERYTHING because it determines what you are attracting!

Whilst eating for emotional balance is an opportunity to connect with food and your body in a more loving way, it also has a far greater power to positively influence your physical condition.  For example, it doesn’t matter how much kale you eat, if your most dominant emotional state is negative then your physical body suffers, regardless of how healthy your diet is.  It’s only when you begin to find ways to feel calmer, more grounded and at ease, that your physical body can find its way to greater ease and lightness.

Food maybe our medicine, but it is our thoughts that can cure.  On this note, I am always passionate about sharing with my clients how to eat in a way that helps their body to find balance, i.e., eating intuitively rather than mindlessly following a plan or just eating what they think they ‘should’ be because it’s supposed to be ‘healthy’.

So if aligned is the new hustle, and I believe it is, and actually always has been, then what about eating for alignment?

This is where the real power of food and the highest potential of nutritional therapy is at for sure!  What’s even better is that there is only one way ‘eating for alignment’ can be experienced, and herein lies its magic!

Instead of mindlessly following diet plans and getting overwhelmed by the epic quantity of nutritional research and advice, that’s, more often than not, contradictory anyway, you have to go within, connect with your own body and ask ‘what are you really hungry for right now?’  ‘What would give your body a sense of nourishment and comfort?’ ‘What would feel good to eat, and would this still feel good afterwards?’

I always ask my clients to journal, eyes do roll at this, but, what I’m really looking for is your awareness of how you feel, because how can you know what to eat to create balance and alignment if you have no idea of where you are?

Also, after every meal your body gives you vital biofeedback that gets either ignored or taken for granted as ‘normal’.  I can assure you, feeling bloated, uncomfortable and irritated after eating is NOT normal, this is your body trying to communicate to you that whatever you just ate isn’t creating ease, it’s causing dis-ease, and this won’t get you closer to a balanced state.

For the next five evenings, before you go to sleep, roughly note down the answers to the following questions –

>> What food did you eat today?

>> What did you have to drink today?

>> Did you drink enough water?

>> How did you feel; heavy or light, bloated or comfortable, irritated or relaxed, stressed or at ease, tired or energized?

>> How do you feel right now?

I’m not interested in quantities of food or anything like that, the real beauty of this exercise is for you to check in with yourself, and after a few days see if there are any patterns emerging between what you eat and how you feel.

This is unique to each of us, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to eating that works, so we have to find ways to appreciate our uniqueness and treat ourselves with the level of attention we deserve.

Give this a go for the next five days and see what you find out, then you have to trust your body and let it be your guide!


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