As a nutritionist I love the idea of ‘eating’ our medicine, choosing food over supplements as much as possible.  However, a little intelligent supplementation can sometimes become a matter of essential self-care, especially through times of heightened cosmic and emotional energies…

Holy Basil

Also known as Tulsi, and “The Incomparable One”, holy basil is an adaptogenic herb and one of the most sacred plants in India.  Synonyms with Goddess Lakshmi, this plant has been used for thousands of years as a medicine for body, mind and spirit due to its extensive healing and protective qualities that are now recognized by modern science.

According to “holy basil is a powerful antioxidant with demonstrated antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.  In Ayurvedic medicine, holy basil has been used to treat a variety of conditions – everything from the common cold to bronchitis to fever to certain digestive complaints, including ulcers.”

However, what really fascinated me, and has compelled me to take holy basil as a staple in my supplement routine, are the benefits outlined by researchers including the protection of organs and tissues from chemical stress, industrial pollutants, heavy metal toxicity, physical exhaustion and stress.

Well hello there modern lifestyle.  Doesn’t that just sum up the main contributing factors that are causing significant imbalance in our systems, leaving us vulnerable to the most common diseases and health challenges that we face today?  Thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, autoimmune, blood sugar imbalance and heart disease.

A study also showed that taking holy basil had the potential to significantly reduce cortisol levels, this basically is a cure-all because stress is one of the biggest underlying causes of modern health challenges.

During times of high-stress my digestion, hormones and weight all suffer because of the impact of all the stress hormones, including cortisol, on my adrenals and thyroid.  Taking holy basil has been like a God(dess) send for me because it has really helped me maintain balance, and in doing so, has helped keep my system running smoothly due to holy basil’s adaptogenic magic.

For this reason holy basil has become an essential for me, and if you’re living a modern lifestyle, sensitive to toxicity, physical and emotional, and feeling the stress of that, it could help you too.

My BeU philosophy and approach with my clients is focused on facilitating balance, interfering as little as possible but ensuring we create an environment that allows the body to thrive, naturally. Imbalance is the root of dis-ease and its symptoms, and stress is nearly always a significant factor that is preventing the body from Being in a state of balance that allows for ease, health and lightness.

Stress literally prevents you from Being U, and your body takes the strain of that.  Most of my nutrition and wellbeing protocols are intended to reduce stress and re-establish balance.  This is different for everyone, and herein lies another beauty of holy basil, as an adaptogen it will do just what it needs to in each individual, relative to their state.  I talk about it in my book too, and I swear its endurance enhancing properties go me to Everest Base Camp, and back! 😉

I love this brand, which you can buy here – I take two capsules at breakfast and another two with dinner.  If you prefer to not to take herbs like this you can also buy tulsi tea which is lovely too.  Just a couple of cups a day will help soothe your body, mind and soul. 🙂

If you’d like take your levels of soothing to a whole n’other level then join us for the Be Light Retreat that my mum and I are hosting in Sri Lanka, 9-13th August.  We’re so excited to be sharing this truly holistic, body and spirit, program of deep cleansing, yoga, relaxation, massage and meditation.  We’re staying in a private luxury estate; comfort and style, just what a girl needs if she’s diving deep into her well of Being.  And, it’s during the next new super moon and Lions Gate, so it is sure to be powerful and transformational experience for us All! xx

Any questions just let me know…



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  1. Love it Laura, will start taking the supplement ASAP. Sad to have missed the retreat, hope it was as amazing as it sounded on the above post.

    Ps. What about just having fresh tulsi soaked in hot water? Is that as beneficial as you can get the herb in Dubai.

    1. Hi Lakshmi, the retreat was wonderful, and in such a special place surrounded by nature. Absolutely yes! Fresh tulsi in hot water would be amazing, I didn’t know you could find in Dubai, I’ve only seen dried, tea and capsule form, so please let me know xxxx

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