Cosmic Self-Care for September; Calibration & Thyroid Healing

Calibration.  This word first caught my eye a few days ago whilst searching Youtube for the benefits and concerns of drinking alkali water, and I noticed a video about the thyroid, how to heal it and ‘calibrate’ your system.

I was drawn to this video because I have a ‘sensitive’ thyroid.  Sometimes it works like a dream, and others, especially when I’m stressed or have been triggered in some way, it gets thrown off super easy.  My metabolism, digestion and hormones all suffer, and it’s not fun.  I’ve now finally learnt that the only way to ‘cure’ this situation and get my body out of this ‘hypothyroid state’, is to slow right down and give my thyroid a chance to recalibrate itself.

I eat comfort foods, like root veggies and baked potatoes with goats cheese, do less exercise, meditate and practice deep relaxation a whole lot more.  Over the years this is what my body wisdom has inspired me to do in order to create the environment in which my thyroid, and entire system actually, can re-set and recalibrate.

The video was by Sadhguru and he describes the thyroid as being a ‘calibrator’ of your entire system, effected by the food we eat, the environment we’re living in and most interestingly, the thoughts we think.  He explains how the thyroid is processing all of this ‘information’ and calibrating our system accordingly.

The next day I read the energy report for September by Mystic Mamma and guess what it was about?

Restructuring and recalibrating.  So, herein lies a theme that I’m being reminded of, and I wanted to share with you too.  You can read Septembers energy report by Mystic Mamma here.

Calibration.  What does this mean to you?  Is your system experiencing balance and harmony?  If not, then this is something to bring your conscious awareness to because there needs to be a process of recalibration to allow balance and harmony to be restored.

I love that our body tells us how well tuned we are, or are not, and what needs our attention.  For example, when I start to feel I’m sinking into that hypothyroid state I instantly know I’m compromised, I’ve pushed my body too far, exposed myself to too much stress, allowed things to bother me, or perhaps an environment or situation has been harsh and I’ve taken on the energy.  Whatever it may be, it is a signal to me that I need to slow down and create the safe space for a recalibration.

How does your body tell you that it needs time to restructure and recalibrate? And, are you giving your body the space to do so?  The beauty is, the more we give our body the space to do so, the quicker we become aware of the need for a little ‘calibration’ rather than allowing a more serious health situation to manifest.

Calibration is about trusting in and allowing the body’s own healing mechanisms to activate and work their magic, without us getting in the way.  Trusting the body to know how to heal, and having faith in its wisdom.  The more I learn about health and wellbeing, the more I realize that the body knows so much more than we could ever intellectually grasp.

However, what I do know is that our body and the cosmos are not separate.  So I want to share with you my 3 favourite ways for allowing this process of calibration and how we can practically work with this beautiful theme of restructuring and recalibration to powerfully align with the cosmic energy for this month.  This is cosmic self-care for September, and a wonderful way to work with our energy to best support our journey and more fully allow a greater integration of All that we Are.  Your thyroid, being the ‘calibrator’ will directly benefit too.

Calibration; Cosmic Self-Care for September

  • Breathe.  Nothing in your body can come into balance if your brain thinks it’s in a state of stress given the quality of your breath.  Breathe deeply, at least twice daily, and especially if you realize you’re feeling stressed or anxious.  To recover from stress and anxiety your breath is invaluable, and such a simple tool, yet it’s often overlooked, much to our body wisdom’s dismay!  You may like to try alternate nostril breathing which has a powerful calming effect whilst enhancing the communication between your left and right brain hemispheres.  Five minutes of this and you will feel the benefit.
  • Energy tapping.  I love Donna Edens work as she teaches you how to quickly and easily work with and balance your body’s energy.  Working on the same principle as acupuncture, she guides you through a series of tapping that has incredible benefits for making sure your energy is running in the right direction and supporting your system.  This is foundational for your wellbeing, you can eat all the kale you like but if your energy is off then it won’t help.  Take a look at this short video where she shows you her basic routine, do this daily and you will definitely be creating the space for calibration.
  • Legs up the wall.  This yoga pose is my favorite and go-to whenever my system is out of balance.  This incredible pose is easy and is a remedy for stress and anxiety.  It relaxes the central nervous system, helps the hormones, encourages the lymphatic system to cleanse and basically puts your body into a state of ease and peace rather than stress.  It is miraculous for any lower back issues too.  This is the perfect calibration pose.  Practice daily for 15 minutes for best results, in the afternoon or evening is best.

Here is the video that inspired me, and it’s definitely worth a watch if your thyroid needs some TLC…

With love

Laura xxx


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