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Be Informed & Inspired with this 90 minute intuitive nutrition consultation to address YOUR body.  Put an end to confusion and finally get the answers to questions like ‘so what should I be eating’ and ‘how can I feel lighter’?   Cut out what feels like endless ideas of how to ‘eat healthy’ and what everyone else is doing, and get straight to the heart of what U would most benefit from to achieve your goals NOW.

Together we will work to create a tailored plan that is meaningful for U, and you’ll receive practical advice for inspired action that you can begin right after our time together.

I work intuitively and can help you with:

  • Weight
  • Autoimmune
  • Stress, anxiety & depression
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Fertility
  • Digestive issues
  • Food intolerances
  • Leaky Gut
  • Energy, clarity & focus
  • Medically diagnosed health issues
  • General wellbeing difficulties


Are U ready to ASK & Receive?

A comprehensive one-off intuitive nutrition session with a 90 minute consult, followed by a full nutrition emailed plan, guidance and supporting information, including recipes, with a 30 min follow up consult scheduled accordingly.


Special Package for those with MORE questions and wanting to work closer over time, continually tailoring your BeU Plan… 3 Ask Laura consultations.



Personalized and intuitive, a transformational program that is truly holistic, nourishing your body, mind and spirit for a powerful healing and rejuvenating experience.

Together we explore intuitive nutritional therapy, traditional wellbeing practices, ancient healing techniques, meditation, visualization and self-care rituals.  

This is ‘whole-person’ love and care, utilizing traditional healing wisdom and the latest understanding  in energy medicine, quantum healing and the power of consciousness.

For the duration of your time working with Laura she is your ‘point of call’ for all things health, nutrition, beauty and wellbeing, all tailored for U and your unique body.

This is a transformational process of deep healing and rejuvenation, including:

  • A  20 minute Dreamboard Session to set a powerful and clear intention for our co-creating
  • A 20 minute Time to Align Session midway to maintain our focus and alignment
  • Twice monthly 1 hour consultations (online) of nutrition, wellbeing and traditional healing practices for body, mind and spirit, as necessary
  • Mentoring and life coaching, with guided meditations and visualizations, as necessary for each individual 
  • Unlimited email/what’s app support between sessions


3 Months US$1,000/AED4,000

6 Months US$1,700/AED6,000

12 Months US$3,000/AED11,000


Love Your Body

This program is perfect for U if you’re struggling with your relationship with food and your body, wanting relief from disordered eating and yo-yo dieting, and finding it difficult to feel lighter.

I have worked with women from around the world, helping them to heal their relationship with their body.  This is close to my heart, a journey that I have lived and share in my book, Your BeUtiful Body.

If you’re feeling ready, together we can experience this profound healing process.  As I support you through ‘Your BeUtiful Body’ journey we will address:

  • Healing your relationship with food
  • Focusing on nourishment rather than restriction
  • Transforming diet mentality to liberate your body
  • Understanding how your thoughts create your appearance
  • How to love your body, unconditionally
  • The power of self-care to restore balance and light
  • Hormonal & digestive imbalances that may be contributing to discomfort & stress
  • Unconditional love & appreciation for your body

Your BeUtiful Body Coaching

Inspired by Laura’s book, Your BeUtiful Body, she guides you through a holistic journey to heal your relationship with your body and food so you can feel peace within your skin and enjoy a sense of freedom and relief with food and your body.  Laura will facilitate Your BeUtiful Body journey, addressing all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • We begin with a 20 minute Dreamboard Session to set a clear intention for our co-creating
  • Followed by weekly 1 hour sessions, 8 in total, of nutrition, wellbeing, self-care rituals, self-love practices, traditional healing practices and loving your body coaching
  • Unlimited email support between sessions


An 8 week program – US$950

My Reterats


Connecting, inspiring and empowering people within communities and businesses is at the heart of my work and the BeU vision. Helping as many people as possible to take care of their nutrition and lifestyle so they can feel happy, have the confidence to realize their incredible potential and allow their inner genius to shine.

I specialize in:

  • Bespoke corporate wellness solutions & stress management
  • Nutrition & wellbeing talks for students and employees
  • Women’s health, eating and body image talks
  • Speaking engagements & workshops
  • Retreats

If you have a team of people that you care about, employees, students or friends, or if you’d like me to support your event then please get in contact…

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