The Magic Ingredient for Nutritional Healing

With all the talk that goes on about food and nutrition these days, this ‘ingredient’ is hardly ever mentioned.  Even worse, more often than not, it’s seen as something to feel guilty about.  And, indeed most of us do, feeling ‘holy’ uncomfortable with it, and not just at the dinner table! Not being one to […]

Sirt Food Smoothie Recipe

One of the best things about being home is my mum’s food!  Cliché I know, but we are so lucky because we LOVE to eat the same things; healthy, fresh, mostly vegan, amazing quality food. Cooking food that we both love is such a pleasure and is special quality time together that I appreciate so […]

The National Article: How to Beat the Bloat

Lethargy, heaviness and bloating are the uncomfortable, but all too familiar symptoms of water retention, also known as fluid retention. For some, this can appear to add inches to your body and is often mistaken for fat. It can sabotage weight-loss efforts, or at the very least hide the good results of your fat-burning programme. […]

Wild + Free Smoothie Recipe

I’m absolutely feeling the love for wild blueberries. After reading Medical Medium where he described the difference between wild and normal blueberries being the same as the difference between wild and farmed salmon, I was in! Luckily my local supermarket sold the exact variety he mentioned from Maine, and even better that frozen wild blueberries […]

Natural Health Article: The Weight is Over

Natural Health Article: The Weight is Over

This is one of my favourites pieces that I did for Natural Health magazine in the UK. Too often, when we address body weight we treat it as the problem rather than a symptom, and in doing so we approach weight loss from an extremely restrictive, often negative view with ‘must cut calories’ and ‘no […]

A&E Article: The Sixth Sense Diet

A&E Article

It is so exciting to have articles that are more holistic and intuitive in their focus being published in mainstream, high-end media like A&E Magazine.  I am so appreciate of Ylova, an editor at the magazine, for running my feature because whilst my advice isn’t ‘main stream’ yet, the current popular approach to weight and […]

MOJEH Article: The Real (BeUtiful) You

More often than not we busy ourselves with the idea that we need to create a new version of ourself, and usually this is centred around our physical body, wanting to lose weight, gain weight, tighten this or lengthen that. The truth is that this never seems to be something that we achieve, and certainly […]

MOJEH Article: Superfoods – Medicine of the Future

MOJEH Article: Superfoods – Medicine of the Future

Hippocrates said, ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’, but this ancient wisdom is discovering even deeper meaning as the world of nutritional science explores new frontiers that could help realise this potential. As the father of modern medicine, it seems most appropriate that we explore the gravitas of Hippocrates’ words within […]

Yogalife Article: Can You Say “I am Beautiful”?

Yoga Life_Cover

It was a pleasure to contribute this article for YogaLifeME magazine October edition, this really was an opportunity to share a piece of my journey and I hope that it helps all of us to come together and say,from a place of comfort and love, “I am Beautiful!”   Here is the full article… “The moment […]

The National Article: Facts on Matcha

I am in love with matcha latte’s made with almond or cashew milk.  They are right up there with cappuccino’s for me! The taste is like nothing else to be honest, although you can definitely tell it is a strong form of green tea, but if you use a good quality matcha powder it is […]